Hello, I’m YourBatman.

I remember it was 2017 and I had just switched jobs. I got to know the Spring Boot/Spring Cloud technology stack for the first time in the new company, in order to catch up and integrate into the team quickly, and skillfully use it. At that time, I vaguely remembered that I was watching the video tutorial of Spring Boot&Spring Cloud taught by Xiao Ma on SegmentFault. From then on, I got acquainted with Sifl and started my personal blog creation journey.

Unlike other technical websites, the first impression of Sifl is simple, focused and refreshing. I love it. In my mind, Sifl has always been geeky, unique, and a very good gathering place for our programmers.

Personally, I have been involved in the creation of the Sifl platform since 2019:

Up to now, I have published nearly 100 articles in total. Thanks to the creation platform provided by Sifl, I personally benefit a lot from it.

My writing is devoted to calligraphy. In the following time, I will continue to create on the Sifl platform, and there will also be video lectures online one after another. Thanksgiving for five years, all the way with you. Happy birthday, Sifl!

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