Unwittingly, Filecoin has been online for more than half a year since October 15 last year. In March of this year, the price of FIL rose from $20 when it was launched to more than $30 to more than $220, a nearly tenfold increase in less than a month. FIL took the top spot in daily transaction volume, and the combined daily transaction volume of the top 10 cryptocurrencies was less than FIL. All of a sudden, FIL currency is popular throughout the coin circle, are discussing whether to do FIL. IPFS-Filecoin Mining Layout, Avoid Pitting (HBlan413)

Unfortunately, April and May are not friendly to FIL. First, a long period of turbulence down the road sapped many people’s energy. Moreover, with the strengthening of national supervision on digital currency, the whole digital currency market has suffered a failure, which directly led to a sharp drop in prices.

At this point, many people are asking if IPFS-Filecoin mining is still a dividend period.

If I have to answer, of course. IPFS-Filecoin is still in the growth phase, and more and more large companies will join the IPFS-Filecoin industry. The current price of FIL is only the rock-bottom price in the future market.

1. FileCoil is more than just a virtual currency. Its output parent system is IPFS distributed storage, and as the only token of IPFS, it is irreplaceable. IPFS has a wide application prospect and is urgently needed in today’s society. Therefore, there is a powerful technology behind FIL coins. Even if it falls, there is still the possibility of a rebound. In the long run, FIL coins will be worth much more than their current price.

2.6 Filecoin will be updated soon. Officials say this upgrade will increase the storage and validation efficiency of the Filecoin network by a factor of 10 to 25, which means less gas costs, less input from miners, relatively higher production, more people coming in, and greater consensus. At the same time, after the new scheme goes online, the miner seals will be changed from 64G sector to 32G sector to improve the sealing speed. Under the existing hardware conditions, the growth of the whole network computing power will be faster, which requires more pledged coins. So now know the miners are taking the current FIL low price to copy the bottom FIL, so the trend of FIL currency in the future for a period of time will rise significantly, I suggest you seize this opportunity.

It has been more than 8 months since FIL mainnet was launched on October 15 last year. The effective computing power of the whole network has increased from about 20P per day when it was launched at the very beginning to about 30P in the earlier period, and has been kept at about 40P recently. From the growth curve, it will accelerate growth, indicating that the number of FIL mining users is growing very fast. So judging from the data of blockchain browsers, more and more people are entering, which can support the value of FIL coins in the long term.

4. Because Filecoin networks store data for storage benefits, strictly speaking, distributed storage tokens do not require much computation and do not consume a large amount of power. Users participating in IPFS storage can prepare hard disks to provide storage space. As a result, Filecoin will not be affected by state policies that clamp down on BTC’s energy-intensive mining projects. So in the future, mining projects with low energy consumption and practical technology will be the mainstream, and FIL will be the number one storage project. Filecoin era has arrived, and we must seize the opportunity. With the accelerated development of IPFS-Filecoin, many projects have been incubated around its ecology, including Filecoin-based end-user program development, infrastructure, development tools, NFT, DEFI, etc., distributed memory is developing towards the direction of security, privacy, and low cost. Well-known companies at home and abroad, such as Google, Microsoft, Huawei, Ali, Tencent, etc., are planning the development trajectory of distributed memory related to FIL currency, so its future value is immeasurable.

Prior to FIL’s launch, no cryptocurrency was able to surpass the number one transaction volume of Bitcoin in five months, and FIL did it. Before FIL was launched, no cryptocurrency was able to break into the top 10 global market capitalization in five months, and FIL did. Before FIL went live, no publicly traded cryptocurrency company came in with money to mine, and FIL did.

Overall, Filecoin is a very solid blockchain project with a high ROI. Let’s not think of Filecoin as a pure mining project. It will take time for its ecology to land. Only when the real business data comes in can the FIL value be represented. Juan’s team made rules to make the project better.

When we invest in a cryptocurrency project, we need to understand the underlying logic of the project. We need to learn more and understand the nature of the project. In this way, you can have a long-term vision and a good attitude, so that you can enjoy the dividends in the future. And choose a legal, compliance, technical strong company, is the most urgent problem to solve the current investors.

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