First of all, I wish SegmentFault a happy ninth birthday 🎂 SegmentFault is the technical community that has helped me the most in my technical career so far. This is not just about learning a certain skill or helping me solve a technical problem, but also about improving myself in all aspects. The most obvious of these is that it has turned me into a “hydrologist”, so what is my happy reflection? Let me show you the research right now!

Children of the

I registered Sifl on August 21, 2015. I don’t have a deep impression on why I registered Sifl, but I hate other technology communities at that time (including now), where all kinds of advertisements fly everywhere, plagiarism everywhere and cheat everywhere. And Sivo is like a pure land beyond the world. It maintains its original intention, showing in front of my eyes are high-quality products (exaggerated 20%), and as a Chinese technology community, I have always thought that Sifou

  • Speed to open the fastest
  • Content presentation is the most comfortable
  • The least messy content

The platform, which maintains the programmer community should have been pure


Two years later, I asked my first stupid question on 2017-07-26

From then on, I found that I was addicted to asking questions and answering questions. Soon after this, I joined Meng Kang’s technical group and met more excellent technical people. I found that they all disseminate knowledge and summarize by writing articles.

Of course, it backfired. Since the first hydrology article appeared, there hasn’t been a single comment click until 19 years ago. Of course, the article is also very water

I don’t really know where to start, and over the years, I’ve found that all the good technical people get stuck in this loop.


Of course, in the process of continuous learning and summarization, I improve my knowledge reserve and constantly train my expression and writing style (of course, this is far from enough), which is the core. I think I have tens of thousands of fans to support me in advance, and this sense of achievement can not be obtained in other communities. It’s as if Sifor has set up an accelerator for me to stay that way as I move down the inner road


Today is June 13, 2021. I am still the same farmer who keeps the original aspiration and has a dream. With the strong support of Sifl, I remain confident about my future.

So what is happy thinking? You still go to study by yourself 😃

Thank you

Today, I just want to thank Sivo.

Thank you for your love and kindness

Thank you for your confidence

Thanks to Sifong for contracting my T-shirt every year and witnessing my history of obesity (I wonder why Sifong knows that I get fat every year).

Thank you, Mr. Gao, for your encouragement

I have a little wish to take a photo with Mr. Gao in 2021. I do not know when it will come true

Looking forward, looking forward to the arrival of SegmentFault’s 20th anniversary


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