Imperceptibly, I have been writing articles on SegmentFault for four years. Although I was always calm and did not become a big guy who answered all the questions as I imagined, I still kept learning and did not give up. On the occasion of the ninth anniversary of Sifur, let’s follow suit and sum up.

Who is

At first, a colleague introduced me to the website SegmentFault. At that time, I just wanted to find a job and needed a catch up with eight-part post, so I easily registered an account. In the same year, I joined Tencent. These two things are not cause-and-effect, but there must be a strong correlation, and my habit at the time was to find various interview questions in the nuggets, and then to try to find the relevant rationale

After I got a job, I got into the habit of watching SegmentFault on a daily basis. Personally, I prefer the UI style and interaction (green) of Sylvor compared to other similar sites, as well as the content style — it is more focused on the technology itself compared to other platforms.

Thin hair

By 2017, I was not satisfied with just being a bystander, but I wanted to participate in the building of the community — to build my own influence. Therefore, I made a conscious effort to sort out the output. At the very beginning, I chose SegmentFault and wrote some technical documents that I now feel ashamed of:

Later, the working relationship came to MxGraph, a web editor for drawing, and some of the community’s most popular tools, including Processon and GitMind, are based on MxGraph implementations. This thing is very complex, with the point of view, secondary development of the point of view of the cost is very high, but the community of its discussion is very few, no way only on their own, analysis of the source code, conveniently produced some principle of parsing documents:

I thought I had a high degree of completion, so I wanted to continue to dig and write a long sequence, but no one looked at it at all, so I gave up.

Continue to work hard

From 2017 to now, I have been writing blog on and off, and I have never been dissatisfied. Alas, maybe I don’t have the talent in this field. Still, I don’t want to give up, so this year Focus on Webpack and related build tools:

I feel good about myself, but the community response is still small, I’m almost desperate… However, SegmentFault platform has been quietly supporting and recommending traffic. From a small transparency of single-digit fans at the beginning of the year, it has saved nearly 2K now:

EMMM, while not worth mentioning, is my personal pinnacle.

Looking forward to

In the future, I will stick to the output. Now I have gradually developed the habit of writing an article once a week. In the future, I will continue to focus on the source code analysis of various front-end frameworks.

This article participated in the SegmentFault Sifter essay “Sifter’s 9th Anniversary”. Welcome to join us if you are reading it.