For years, Tencent has struggled to build its own community-based social system.

In the long product development process, WeChat also and QQ same, more than once launched some look like fierce, actually chicken ribs, the final attack street function……

On January 11, 2021, QQ, once the largest interest social platform in China and also known as “Xiaotieba”, announced its closure.

Coincidentally, on the afternoon of May 28, WeChat circle, similar to QQ interest tribe, also issued a notice of suspension.

WeChat circle shutdown announcement, due to business development direction adjustment, the function will be officially suspended from December 28, 2021.

Before the outage, users could use the “Export Profile Data” feature to save all the content they had previously posted to Circles.

The specific arrangements are as follows:

1. Shut down the interactive ability: June 28, 2021

2. Downline Circle Entry: June 28, 2021

3. Circles to cease operations: December 28, 2021

Details for Handling Content Release:

1. From June 28, 2021, new posts and comments will be stopped

2. Before the circle is out of service, you can use the function of “Export Personal Home Page Data” to save the contents you have published in the circle

After the announcement of the closure of WeChat Circle, netizens have left messages saying they do not know what WeChat Circle is.

Some have never even heard of it.

Most people stayed until the circle was closed and had no idea where the entrance was.

More people misread the news, mistakenly thought that the circle of friends was out of service, a false alarm.

There is a wave of netizen teasing, can you also close the circle of friends by the way.

According to the data, the WeChat circle, formerly known as the Good Stuff Circle, was launched in early 2019.

Originally, it was a sociality-based product recommendation feature, where users could browse products recommended by friends and interact with friends to exchange ideas.

Users can view their orders and favorites in the mini-program, and recommend items they have bought or collected to friends.

It was also an important attempt by WeChat in the e-commerce field, but it proved to have little effect.

Despite the weak market feedback, WeChat did not give up its position at the time.

In December 2019, “Good Things Circle” officially changed its name to “WeChat Circle”, and the product functions began to favor the development of content community.

The rebranded Circles are, in a way, like WeChat’s Little Red Book — users can join or create new Circles based on their own interests and post content.

It’s fair to say that the WeChat circle itself has been tepid along the way.

Especially after the birth of WeChat video number, many circle main also have to give up the circle, turn to the video number.

So it’s not surprising that WeChat officials are gradually giving up on the Circle and shutting it down altogether.

From the extension fan EXTFANS