“As we all know, WeChat emojis can not be downloaded and saved to the local mobile phone album, so we developed this small tool, just one simple step, complete any WeChat emojis saved to the local mobile phone album.”


01. WeChat search “BQBCZS” attention to “facial expression save assistant” public number

Emotional Save Assistant

Free one-button expression save to the mobile phone, expression save to the photo album of the expression save assistant, no longer have to worry about the expression can not save to the phone photo album ~

02. Send the WeChat emojis you want to save to an album to the emojis save assistant

03. Open the emoticon picture sent by the emoticon saving assistant, and long press it to save it to your phone!

Matters needing attention

Be sure to send your emojis to the public account.

This public number is mainly responsible for saving WeChat expression to the local mobile phone album, the use of questions are also welcome to leave a message to communicate, thank you ~