WeChat dark mode has become a hot topic since its launch. Not only has WeChat home page and chat page been dark-adapted, careful friends must have found that even the map in the send location and share location is also “black”! Behind this is the ability to personalize maps. With it, developers can not only adjust the color scheme of the map, but also control the display and hiding of map elements, putting the right to customize the map in the hands of each individual developer. Let’s take a look at whether personalized maps are the secret weapon you need to upgrade your maps. At the end of the article there is WeChat dark map with the same template for you.

Why Personalize Maps

Many of our lives now rely on maps, from taxi hailing to logistics, food delivery, even travel and games. But the maps that are integrated into many apps are evolving with the APP, not the same. For example, in the Didi APP, to highlight the location of the user and driver and the planned driving route, the map is displayed against a light background, and the surrounding irrelevant POI information is also weakened. In Meituan apps, hotels, restaurants, etc., are often the destinations of their users, so they are highlighted on the map. In addition to map attributes and the application of industry attributes, developers of LBS games hope that the map color can be more consistent with the game style, the map of the smart scenic area hope to match the theme color of the scenic area. All these require us to carry out personalized upgrades to the map, so as to improve the display effect and user experience of the map in different scenes.

The following scenarios work best with a personalized map:

• Flexible control of map elements to display effects and adapt to industry scenes

• Easily adjust the overall map color scheme to match the app and brand tones

• Customize map styles with high degree of freedom to create map visualization

Why choose Tencent location service personalized map

• WeChat applet, APP, H5, Unity all platform general.

Developers can integrate map effects across multiple platforms. One edit, multi-terminal use, save the time cost of repeated edit style, provides great convenience for developers.

• minimal development costs.

After the design is completed in the personalized map editing platform, the developer only needs to bind the Key and the new map style, and then it can be directly called in an interface at the application end, which is negligible for the development cost.

• Personalized styles support dynamic updates.

Style changes don’t even need to be released, and you can enjoy the pleasure of being controlled in the cloud directly on the editing platform.

Editing platform capability has been comprehensively improved

In order to meet the needs of many map developers in the industry, Tencent Location Services has upgraded the existing editing platform again.

• Support both global configuration and hierarchical configuration.

In global configuration, one key to change the global effect is easy and quick. In the hierarchical configuration, each level of the map can be adjusted separately, so that the design right of the map display effect is completely handed over to the user.

• Support for customization of map elements expanded to 52.

Include everything the user wants to change. The classification of map elements is simple and clear, so users can quickly find the content they want to modify.

• All configurable attributes for each element are open

Display level, font size, color, stroke, transparency all support custom adjustment.

• Overall optimization of UI controls for editing platform.

Support mouse click and parameter manual input two ways to modify, rich tips and instructions. Further reduce the user’s use cost, help users quickly get their preferred map style.

There are people who use Tencent location service personalized map

Tencent location services continue to provide developers of all industries with reliable and easy-to-use LBS services, personalized map style in which to accept the needs of many industry top customers. Customers in the travel industry, such as Didi and Mobike, Meituan in the O2O industry, Jingdong in the logistics e-commerce industry, and WeChat in the social networking industry, have all used our ability to upgrade the effect of map display.

Ladies and gentlemen, if maps are an important part of your app’s pages, then the standard map style may not be enough. Using personalized editing platform, highlighting the industry attributes of the map application, matching the UI tone of your APP, and creating your own exclusive map is undoubtedly a necessary choice to improve efficiency, promote transformation, and comprehensively improve user experience.


WeChat Dark Mode is free

The final Easter Egg is WeChat Dark Mode. The same map has also been made available for free to all developers on Tencent’s location-based personalized map platform. Just select the WeChat dark template, you can experience in WeChat applet, APP, H5 and other terminals at the same time. For those of you who have already done Dark Mode but are frustrated that the map doesn’t work, take it away.

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