Public domain traffic and private domain traffic are relative concepts. Public domain traffic does not belong to enterprises, such as Taobao, Douyin, Weibo, store traffic, etc., which need to be acquired by enterprises through payment or other marketing methods, while private domain traffic is owned and controlled by enterprises, which can be used repeatedly. Disadvantages of public domain traffic:

  • Public domain traffic is becoming more and more expensive
  • Users do not belong to themselves and cannot be reached repeatedly
  • Users only rely on third-party platforms and have low awareness of corporate brands

It is difficult to acquire users and the cost is high. More and more enterprises begin to realize the importance and necessity of building private traffic pool. How to build your own private traffic pool? How to let the accumulated flow move up?

WeChat integrates social contact, content (public account, video number) and service (small program, live broadcast and payment). It is the best carrier for enterprises to connect users and provide products and services. WeChat personal account and WeChat group have become one of the important ways for enterprises to build private traffic. However, in the actual application, due to the limited number of WeChat friends, the lack of automation of friend management, no real-time data statistics and other constraints, the sustainable operation of enterprise private domain traffic is restricted.

Enterprise WeChat not only connects 1.2 billion WeChat users and WeChat ecology, but also integrates efficiency tools such as schedule and meeting, which not only meets the operational needs of enterprises, but also brings non-influencing experience to WeChat users. Enterprise WeChat has become a new carrier for many enterprises to build private traffic by virtue of its advantages.

KnowCloud officially launched the “KnowCommunity Wizard”, enabling enterprises to achieve customer life-cycle management with a new digital model.

Know the community operation function of the community Wizard based on enterprise WeChat, get through WeChat small program, public account, APP and other channels, integrate more automatic and intelligent management tools, marketing tools, data analysis, carry out customer life cycle management, help enterprises to build private traffic pool, and drive continuous revenue growth.

From now until May 31, 2021, you will have a chance to get the qualification of free use for 1 year. In addition, invited users can also join our “Experiencer Exchange Group” and become “Know Product Advisors” to participate in the upgrade of the Know Community Wizard.

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Knowing the community wizard is a powerful helper for enterprises to build a private traffic pool. It provides a community management tool covering the full link of customer acquisition, retention, transformation and sharing to meet the needs of various business scenarios of enterprises. How to use “Community Wizard” to create an automated, intelligent and refined community operation process?

Prerequisite: understand the customer, accurate positioning

Before the enterprise decides to construct the enterprise private domain traffic through the enterprise WeChat group, the following points must be made clear:

  • Identify the customer base: Who is the customer? Where is it?
  • Combine your products and services and ask yourself: What do customers want?
  • External WeChat ID image positioning?
  • Precise positioning of community properties, what content and services to provide?

With the above issues identified, you can start planning and executing community operations.

Customer Acquisition: Adopt “label” for hierarchical customer management

The customer drainage to the enterprise WeChat personal number and customer base, not for the same to sell products, but in order to better understand customer needs, in order to provide customers want products and services, in order to truly “flow” into “retention”.

When enterprises carry out omni-channel customer drainage, they need to combine the characteristics of customers from different channels to conduct customer stratification and management.

Take an automobile company as an example:

The customers of an automobile enterprise may include automobile enthusiasts, rigid customers, designers and so on. Although they all belong to the product category of automobile, the interests of customers are quite different.

Customers drawn from the automotive interest community will automatically be labeled as “enthusiasts”, automatically join the exclusive community, and provide refined services. To build this customer group into loyal brand fans is not only to cultivate potential customers, but also to cultivate brand promoters for enterprises. In the same way, customers from stores and malls to draw over, for its “purchase of rigid need”; From schools, learning websites and other channels of customers, for its “design”.

Retention: Create an exclusive operation plan based on community positioning

It is an important step to realize “retention” to invite customers with common needs to the same group chat according to label classification and conduct standardized and refined operation.

Setting different welcome words for different communities not only makes the community more “ceremonial”, but also enables customers to know more about community services.

The types of welcome words corresponding to different communities are as follows:

  • Benefit receiving group: customers pay attention to the benefits and benefits, and need to point out what benefits are in the group and where they can get them. They can even provide exclusive benefits such as coupons for customers who enter the group for the first time.
  • Product recommendation group: customers pay attention to new products and experience. When customers enter the group, they can recommend recent new products, evaluations, free experience activities and so on, so that customers can get satisfaction in the first time.
  • Interest group: customers gather together based on the same interest, you can introduce the industry KOL in the group first, invite new members to introduce themselves, and help customers quickly integrate into the group.
  • Skills learning group: customers focus on the learning content, introduce the recent course arrangement and share the learning materials of the past in the first time, so that customers can gain a full harvest when they enter the group.

All of the community operations that follow are about increasing the “trust, engagement, and value” of the customer.

Trust: enterprise WeChat personal number to connect with customers, to provide one-to-one consulting services; The community combined with the “quick reply” function, the first time to answer customers’ doubts, to create a professional and considerate brand image, gain the trust of customers.

Sense of participation: Regularly release the latest activities of the platform, and combine with the community operation tools such as “lottery, voting, group solitaire”, so that every customer can participate in it and improve the customer’s participation.

Perceived value: includes group value and customer self-value. With the principle of less disturbance and more service, the value of community can be enhanced by continuously providing valuable content and community-specific benefits to customers. Inviting customers to participate in the brand building of the enterprise, making customers become lecturers, providing professional courses and sharing, can improve the self-worth of customers, and thus enhance their sense of value to the community.

Transformation: Connecting enterprise services, getting through multi-terminal platforms, and realizing closed-loop marketing

Enterprise WeChat can realize data intercommunication with WeChat ecology (official account, small program) and platform (website, APP) through UnionID, and help enterprises to build a customer system with unified identity. Unified customer portrait is generated based on customer interest and behavior data, so as to reverse guide the operation strategy of the enterprise.

Under the premise of better understanding of customer needs, enterprises can “mass send messages” to customers and customer groups according to labels, including recommending products, conveying activity information, sending blessings, etc., to create intelligent and humanized customer management. In addition to text, mass messaging also supports bringing small programs, web pages and other contents, which is conducive to guiding customers to the enterprise platform, realizing marketing closed-loop, thus improving the conversion rate of customers and bringing more considerable benefits to enterprises.

Sharing: Rich marketing tools make customer growth easier

Provide quality products and services, establish a good brand reputation, let customers take the initiative to share. In addition, enterprises can combine red envelopes, lottery, voting, live broadcast and other marketing tools to carry out related fissal activities, inject more fresh blood into the community, and help enterprises get more traffic.

In the past group fission activities, community operators need to manually @new members to complete the specified actions in order to obtain the corresponding benefits, but enterprise WeChat can make this process more automated:

  • Set QR code to add group, and automatically create new group when the group is full of 200 people, without manual operation by staff
  • Set new members to join the group welcome words and share pictures, and guide users to forward the pictures to the circle of friends or external groups
  • Tag a customer who has completed a task and send benefits to the tagged customer using mass messaging

Through enterprise WeChat, we can get through the enterprise platform, build the private flow pool, further refine the operation of customers, and improve customer conversion and enterprise revenue. How to analyze the enterprise’s own situation? How to combine the development needs of the enterprise with the characteristics of customers, and when to do it? How to do? Is the need for enterprises to continue to think, repeated tests, in order to find a more suitable for their own effective path.

If you want to know more successful cases, please leave a message “case” at the end of this article; If you want to learn more about how an industry builds a private domain, please leave a comment about the industry at the end of this post. We will output more content according to your needs, exchange and learn together. If you have successful operation experience, we are looking forward to your sharing with us.

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