UCloud “U Ambassador” Recommendation Awards for June!

Recommend a friend to go up cloud, can make money!

The product performance is good, the activity preferential strength is big, the recommendation success rate is high, so, what are you still waiting for!

The UCloud U Ambassador recommended the rebate policy

Users who register through the exclusive link of U Ambassador and complete the purchase of designated products (including promotional products) within 90 days from the date of registration, U Ambassador will be entitled to a cash reward in proportion to the effective order amount on the first day of purchase.

Successfully joined U Ambassador: Technical Books/customized vacuum cup from UCloud/customized T-shirt ×1 (only for the top 100)

June First Prize: Users who join U Ambassador and successfully recommend the first day of purchase with effective order of RMB 5000 or more in June will be awarded an additional Apple AirPods 2. There are 20 first prize prizes in total, based on the order in which ambassadors complete tasks. First come, first served.

U What are the advantages of the ambassador over other recommendation policies of cloud vendors

  • Listed company cloud services, products and services are reliable and reliable.
  • Very competitive promotion price, 1 core 2G cloud server as low as 88 yuan/year, high success rate of recommendation.
  • Up to 90 days of lockup period, super high percentage of rebates and occasional extra referral rewards.
  • U Ambassador operated 1V1 communication and helped solve problems encountered in the promotion process.

How to promote UCloud products

UCloud official website has a long-term cost-effective promotional activities, customers only need to register through the exclusive recommendation link of ambassadors and complete the purchase within 90 days, if you have your own community or site, just need to send the information of UCloud promotional activities to your channel, you can get cash rebate once and for all.

If you are interested in joining or have any questions about U Ambassador’s policy, you can add “Little U” WeChat (WeChat ID: UCLOD2019, WeChat QR code see the poster), and note that there will be a special person to connect with you after “U Ambassador” is approved. By the way, the gifts in June are also here for Little U, welcome to chat!