Now the employment situation is more severe, many industries without the corresponding certificate, certification is simply can not enter. Although the ability is not necessarily matched with the certificate, certification, but after all, it is to know whether a person has the corresponding ability of the certificate. In the Internet industry, there is a certification is a lot of people have heard of, and recognized, that is Ali cloud ACA certification. As a cloud authentication in the most basic one, in the end is there any use? Today, let the certification ambassador introduce what Aliyun ACA certification is, is Aliyun ACA certification useful?

ACA certification of Aliyun

Aliyun ACA certification refers to Aliyun Big Data Assistant Engineer certification. It is mainly for the use of Ali cloud big data products professional technical certification, is to master Ali cloud big data products technical skills of a comprehensive test and ability certification.

This certification can effectively demonstrate that the certifier has the following abilities:

1. Basic knowledge of big data;

2. Able to design basic solutions based on AliCloud data products according to the business needs of enterprises;

ACA certification of Aliyun

3, Can open and use data class products, including cloud database RDS, distributed relational data database DRDS, Table Store, analysis database AnalyticDB, big data computing service MaxCompute, big data development suite DatAIDE, etc.

4. Able to use AliCloud’s data application products or services, including recommendation system, data visualization DataV, machine learning platform, etc. in combination with my existing IT knowledge.

Is Aliyun ACA certification useful

Big Data Assistant Engineer Certification (ACA) is relatively technical, and those who learn big data can certainly take a test. Cloud computing appears to be used by cloud computing engineers, but in fact it is mainly used for server configuration, maintenance and other functions. It can be used by large companies using Alibaba cloud services, and it can also be used by small companies on the cloud.

The ACA test only looks at the score, not the scale. Those who spend time to prepare carefully have a high passing rate. No time to prepare, the pass rate is very low. The ACA certificate is now a plus in many companies’ recruitment, and the talent with the ACA certificate can definitely help you increase the chance of entering your desired company. At present, Ali Cloud occupies an absolute leading position in the domestic cloud service market share, and hundreds of thousands of enterprises in its ecosystem need relevant talents. Aliyun University also provides a recruitment platform. Passing Aliyun certification can improve the chances of success, technical ability and resume ranking.

ACA certification of Aliyun

Ali cloud certification is divided into what levels

1. ACA level: assistant engineer certification, which proves that you can use and manage basic products of Ali Cloud.

2. ACP level: engineer certification, which proves that you can solve basic business problems of enterprises based on Ali Cloud products.

3. ACE level: senior engineer certification, which proves that you can design architecture based on AliCloud products and solve major problems in business development.

4. Special certification: certification of skills in a certain field.

The above is the certification ambassador for you to introduce the relevant content of ACA certification Ali Cloud. For those who are interested in the Internet and network marketing industry companies, Ali Cloud ACA certification is a very good stepping stone, which can help you quickly get a foothold in these industries. Of course, if you want to have a better development, you still need to continue to learn and improve your ability.