Carbon dioxide emission

Strive to achieve carbon peak by 2030

Strive to be carbon neutral by 2060

It is a two-stage carbon emission reduction goal proposed by our country

Realize this goal, must take science and technology innovation as forerunner

“Hyperspectral” technology is one of the secret sauce

Spectral analysis as an important means of natural science analysis

Spectral technology is often used to detect objects

Physical structure, chemical composition and other indicators

So what is hyperspectral technology?

The whole world we see is a riot of colors

In fact, all of its energy comes from the sun

But why do we see trees as green?

Because the trees only reflect the green light

The rest of the light is absorbed

So what the human eye sees is the light that matter doesn’t absorb

It’s because of the different structure of the material that the light comes in

The characteristics of absorption are different

So it’s like having a fingerprint and an ID card

Different elements and their compounds on Earth have their own unique spectral characteristics

Spectra is regarded as a fingerprint to identify substances

Hyperspectrum is the “colored glasses” that help us see these fingerprints

By hyperspectral technology

We can see more clearly what the physical world looks like

Get data on the physical world

And apply the technology in a specific scenario

Light waves that are usually visible to the human eye are called visible light

The wavelength is generally between 390 and 780 nanometers

A short-wave infrared hyperspectrometer can distinguish a spectrum of 2500 nanometers

It’s the part that’s completely invisible to the human eye

But with this light wave you can

Let us have a pair of eyes to see through all matter

Different materials

It also has a different spectral curve

And that’s how researchers do it

To test for physical characteristics

It’s based on these principles

Hyperspectral technology in the field of industrial Internet

It can realize coal calorific value detection and industrial equipment lubricating oil detection

Identification, analysis and reflection of carbon dioxide emissions through spectral imaging

To do this

Co-construction of Inspur Cloud and Chinese Science Spectrum

The Joint Laboratory of Hyperspectral Technology Innovation and Application was officially inaugurated

The laboratory will be under the national “carbon peak, carbon neutral” background

By providing carbon metering equipment and double carbon double control and other services

Promote hyperspectral technology

In the “double carbon” business and other fields of promotion and application landing

On the way to helping achieve the “dual carbon” goal

We’ve been working on it