On July 9, sponsored by the people’s government of sichuan province, China communication association, China academy of information and communication, the sichuan provincial department of economic and information technology, yibin city people’s government to undertake the “the second China intelligent terminal industry development conference” officially kicked off in yibin city international conference and exhibition center, conference on “intellectual innovation ecological win-win new era” as the theme, We will share the achievements of cutting-edge development of digital economy industries. As an important participant and supporter of Yibin digital economy, Inwave Cloud was invited to attend the conference and presented its professional, ecological and reliable high-quality cloud products, solutions and practice cases in a full range.

“Build in domestic large cycle as the main body, domestic and international dual cycle each other to promote the new development pattern of” strategic background, yibin in ShiSiWuNian plan and 2035 vision an outline as a guide, give full play to the data of new production factors and the key role of the driving effects of digital technology, to strengthen the construction of digital society, government, We will make public services and social governance more digitized and intelligent. In this process, Inspur Cloud is based on the largest distributed cloud system in China, relying on Yibin Cloud Data Center, and actively contributes to the construction of digital Yibin through full-stack cloud services such as cloud network edge end integration, cloud digital intelligence integration, construction, management and transportation integration.

Wave of yibin cloud data center on the basis of “distributed cloud +”, the data service, AI, the letter a, pipe, cloud native five ability gradually internalized in yibin enterprise industry development base, innovation foundation support for the overall development of yibin – escort hundreds of thousands of examinee, college entrance examination to college, and for the personnel examination examination to college, Effectively support Yibin talent training and talent selection;

Help Yibin Intelligent Track with numerous fans of “fast, stable and accurate”, through the original “Intelligent Track Control System” in the way of “seemingly trackless, track in the core” to realize the “similar track” on the cloud operation to facilitate public travel;

With the government cloud as the base, and the integration of government data, social open data and Internet data to create a unified service platform for the city — “Rong Etong” (love city network) APP, Yibin citizens can “nip” to take the bus, “health Yibin” electronic health card card with a number of hospitals, one button query five social insurance and one housing fund… Promote the low carbon, civilized operation of the city, create Yibin city service card;

To support the continuous optimization of the big data sharing and open platform of Yibin government, support the open sharing of municipal government resources, improve the ability of government services, and protect the sense of accomplishment and happiness of citizens who “don’t run errands and do quick things”;

The big data platform for epidemic prevention in Yibin, the big data platform for fighting liquor counterfeits, and the big data center for Chinese liquor industry jointly established by Inwave, Wuliangye Group, China Liquor Industry Association and University of Electronic Science and Technology of China…… Yibin cloud data center is no longer limited to the administrative office of Yibin municipal government, but more oriented to people’s livelihood, smart city and other fields, so that smart innovation gives urban innovation power and direction.