In a large number of small and medium-sized enterprises in the manufacturing industry, there are still a large number of assembly lines rely on manpower for the installation of product accessories, which leads to mistakes and missing parts in the production process, which will not only directly affect the product quality of the enterprise, but also bring hidden dangers to consumers. Therefore, the enterprise needs to equip the production line quality control personnel to carry out irregular sampling inspection on the assembly line. However, the sampling inspection cannot cover all the single products produced, and will also cause low efficiency and waste of manpower, affecting the production efficiency of the enterprise.

Can AI vision technology be used to complete the quality control of product accessories and reduce the company’s human input?

Zhuhai Huachuang Intelligence is a technology company focusing on computer hardware and software integration and other solutions. Focusing on this subdivision scene on the assembly line, we decided to use the image ability of Baidu EasyDL Zero Threshold AI development platform to solve the quality control problems on the production line in a professional and efficient way.

Baidu EasyDL in the direction of image support image classification, object detection, image segmentation three models. Huachang Intelligent adopts the object detection model to complete the training data collection in the real assembly line, completes the data annotation and model automation training through EASYDL, and constantly verifies the effect in the model training process and adds the photos of new products. Through the continuous iterative optimization of the model, Finally, a high-quality and high-precision AI model with MAP, precision rate and recall rate up to 99% was obtained. Finally, it was deployed through the public cloud API and embedded into the existing operating system to realize real-time detection of assembly line product parts.

As shown in the above, China intelligent recognition system through EasyDL make accessories, through the production line, terminal, system three links, solve the product model and accessories than two key problems, realize the closed loop judgment of all assembly line products, and through the voice prompt the missing parts name and quantity directly, convenient intuitively realized product accessories installation management.

Fig. 1 Prompt information of complete accessories

Fig. 2 Prompt message when accessories are missing, with voice prompt

At present, this set of factory assembly line testing system has been successfully implemented, which helps enterprises reduce from three quality inspection workshops to one quality inspection workshop, and can work 24 hours without interruption to complete the quality inspection of all parts of the products. The work efficiency has been improved by 30% and the quality of product quality inspection has been improved by 80%.

In the production line, the quality inspection work of accessories installation seems to be a small and simple link, but the support and power of “AI Eye” created by EASYDL directly reduces the investment of two quality inspection workshops and a large number of personnel costs, and the business improvement of “small scene” also brings “great energy” to the enterprise. As a software and hardware solution provider, whether Huacuang Intelligence can use a platform for convenient and rapid verification, low-cost iterative model optimization, flexible adaptation to different application scenarios, and even complete model development without professional algorithm personnel is the key to quickly win and stand out in the face of complex and diverse customer business scenarios. When talking about why to choose EasyDL, the person in charge of Huachuang Intelligence said that he, as an IT personnel, had a very early understanding of EasyDL. After receiving this project, he also communicated with some manufacturers of customized image recognition, but found that the cost of customization was very high. When he was about to give up the project, he thought of the EasyDL platform. After using not only the effect is unexpectedly good, the cost is also greatly reduced. The person in charge also said that with the successful landing experience of this project, I have deepened my understanding and recognition of easyDL’s product capability, technology leadership and cost advantage, and it will be applied in a broader industry and business scenarios in the future.

China intelligent choice baidu EasyDL zero threshold of AI development platform, is based on the fly oar deep learning open source platform to build AI development platform, enterprise edition, is committed to provide enterprises with “one-stop” work style, high precision of zero code AI model development services, in addition to the image, also offers voice, text, OCR, the direction of the seven major technology such as structured data model, Flexible support for the deployment of public cloud, device side, privatization, software and hardware solutions. At present, EasyDL has accumulated more than 800,000 enterprise users, covering more than 20 industries such as industrial manufacturing, safe production, intelligent hardware, retail and FMCG.

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