Through the application of AI technology, enterprise personnel can be liberated from a large number of tedious and repetitive daily work, so that they can put more energy into product and business innovation, which has become an effective means for all walks of life to improve efficiency and reduce costs. On May 18, Baidu Brain Open Day Xiamen Station enterprise service special session was successfully held. Baidu product and technical experts, partners and hundreds of enterprise representatives from the local software park gathered together to fully interpret the intelligent solutions of the three core scenarios of “human, financial and material” in Baidu Brain AI enabling enterprise services.

Baidu Brain is the integration of Baidu AI technology accumulation and industrial practice for many years, has opened more than 270 AI capabilities, through Baidu intelligent cloud enabling all walks of life to achieve intelligent upgrading. Baidu Brain Open Day has been held since 2019, and has become a platform for Baidu to have close communication with many AI developers and partners. This year, Baidu Brain Open Day will tour cities across the country, focusing on the characteristics of urban industrial parks and intelligent needs, combining Baidu’s cutting-edge AI technology and industry scenario solutions, to empower local enterprises to accelerate the process of intelligence. Xiamen is the earliest special economic zone to open up in China. It is the forefront of reform and opening up, a hot land for innovation and entrepreneurship, and a city where investment and trade meet. Adjust measures to local conditions, give play to effect of superposition of policy, attaches great importance to the artificial intelligence development in xiamen, a platform to provide whole process “nanny” service, set up the city of micro, small and medium enterprises public service platform network, build a micro, small and medium enterprises service system, efforts to build an innovation policy, is to demonstrate the application, system supply, talents training in the integration of the world’s top ai city benchmarking. In the activity, Baidu’s product and technical experts analyzed in detail the solutions of enterprise services, relying on Baidu Brain’s leading AI technology and multi-technology integration, to comprehensively improve the intelligent level of the three management links of “human, financial and material” in enterprise operation. In the field of “people” services, Baidu Brain AI capabilities can be applied to staff recruitment, visitor management, employee attendance, voice conferencing, customer service and a wide range of scenarios.

  • In employee recruitment, automatic resume parsing and man-post matching can facilitate enterprises to screen and recommend resumes efficiently and improve recruitment efficiency.
  • Du Mu series face access control machine, can help enterprises in employee attendance, visitor management, access control and other scenarios fast intelligent;
  • Voice conferencing solutions are widely used in two-person meetings, speech reports, multi-person conference rooms, etc., to achieve intelligent transcribulation and recording of corporate meetings;
  • There are also intelligent customer service solutions based on Baidu’s leading voice, natural language processing and knowledge mapping technologies to effectively improve customer service efficiency.

In the field of service for “wealth”, baidu brain provides a complete paper bills electronically OCR solution, this scheme fully cover all kinds of paper, for paper specific font, print styles, special optimization, scanning pictures. Accuracy can reach 98%, so as to realize automation instrument information extraction, automatic segmentation to identify various reimbursement bills; Support authenticity and information verification of all 9 kinds of VAT invoices to improve the efficiency of finance and taxation management. For bills with unstable format, Baidu Brain also launched EasyDL OCR self-training platform, which can support business personnel to label and train bills, so as to obtain customized high-precision OCR model to meet the needs of bill recognition in a variety of scenarios. The platform has the advantages of zero threshold operation, low cost data, high precision effect and super flexible deployment.

In the service field of “things”, in contract management, project management, procurement management and other systems in enterprises, there are a large number of unstructured documents that need to be handled manually. For this kind of complex document, Baidu Brain launched TextMind intelligent document analysis platform, mainly has four major functions: 1️ document format parsing, can identify DOC, PDF, pictures and other formats in the text content; 2️ document content comparison, you can compare the content differences of different versions of the document; 3️ document information extraction, extraction for key field information in paragraphs and tables, and support user-defined extraction field; 4️ text content review, review the document does not conform to the specification of the problem, intelligent quickly find the problem. TextMind intelligent document analysis platform can realize the intelligent analysis and understanding of unstructured document data. For complex documents and table-based documents in different scenarios, Baidu adopts innovative OpenKV, TableKV, DOCKV and other document extraction technologies and, based on Baidu’s accumulated pre-training model, adds a small amount of annotation data for training, and the high-precision effect of more than 90% can be achieved.

In this activity, the technical director of a city commercial bank also shared the enterprise NLP platform built based on Baidu Brain NLP and TextMind intelligent document analysis platform. The NLP platform built by the bank is capable of word segmentation, part of speech, entity recognition, sensitive word detection, sensitive sentence detection, text comparison, sentiment analysis, etc., which can realize the rapid review of document content for a variety of scenarios and has a wide range of application scenarios in banking business.

According to the report, Baidu Brain has also built an ecological partnership system from registered partners, senior partners, senior partners and partners to provide technical, brand and sales support. Xiamen Yukeyun Network Technology Co., Ltd. (referred to as “Yukeyun”), as the ecological partner of Baidu Brain, attended the conference and introduced the campus scene application based on Baidu Brain’s face recognition technology, to help the campus epidemic prevention and control and moral education management system construction, and to provide services for the Education Bureau, schools, parents and students. Baidu brain Open Day activities will continue into the future, guangzhou, Shanghai, suzhou, shenzhen and other cities, the use of baidu’s agriculture artificial intelligence accumulated rich resources platform and application case of, for baidu brain front around the enterprise ability of AI technology, core product developers and managers to provide innovative ideas for more technology, help to realize intelligent industry upgrade.