Apple has just held its scheduled event. Unlike in the past, it is customary for Apple to announce new iPhones at this time of year, but this year, the highly anticipated iPhone 12 series was not surprisingly blown away by the whole world.

Without the iPhone, the Apple Watch and iPad stand in the C position. The strong hint of “Time Flies” on Apple’s website is an early clue.

The Apple Watch Series 6 was unveiled as the blood oxygen detection function went online

At the start of the event, Cook showed off the Apple Watch.

The Apple Watch Series 6 will be available in BT and LTE versions, 40mm and 44mm in two sizes, and again uses the CPU and GPU architecture of the S4 chip, improving the performance by 20% over the previous generation.

Apple Watch Series 6 is not much different from Apple Watch Series 5 in appearance. Using S6 chip, it adds a new blood oxygen saturation (SpO2) sensor, and increases the detection function of blood oxygen level, which can monitor a Series of health indicators such as respiration, heartbeat and blood oxygen concentration. To help in the event of a global COVID-19 pandemic.

The Apple Watch Series 6 has an optimized Watch face for outdoor sports, with a 25% brighter screen and real-time elevation on the Watch face. The Apple Watch Series 6 also supports three different font Settings, and anthropomorphic emojis are brought to the Watch face screen. There’s also a new family sharing feature that allows you to keep track of your child’s location and movement status at the same time.

Along with the new Apple Watch update comes WatchOS 7, which provides comprehensive health monitoring. The Apple Watch Series 6 also comes in blue, gold, graphite and red, as well as a single-loop strap design made of custom-made soft silicone material that eliminates the clasp, and optional nylon straps in seven colors.

Environmental protection has always been an ongoing cause of Apple. Apple Watch Series 6 adopts 100% recycled metal materials, and all materials in the packaging are from recyclable materials. At the same time, the power adapter is removed to reduce carbon emissions. The Apple Watch Series 6 starts at $399.

Touch ID is built into the power button and the first A14 processor

The iPad Air 4, which has a much smaller A14 processor and integrates 11.8 billion transistors into it, delivers 40% better performance. A new six-core design and the latest graphics processor architecture. The 10.9-inch retina display, which offers more color and sharpness, has a USB-C port.

It has an equilateral, full-screen design similar to the iPad Pro and a Touch ID button. This Touch ID is not easy. It sits on the power button at the top of the iPad Air 4, making it the first iPad to have biometrics built into the power button. In addition, the iPad Air 4 supports 4K HD video and Wi-Fi 6 connectivity. The iPad Air 4 starts at $599.

In addition to the iPad Air 4, Apple also carries the iPad 8, which uses an A12 processor and has a 40% improvement in performance, a 10.2-inch display and a price starting at $329. Also released is iPADOS 14, which has a cleaner interface design and makes it easier to use with the Apple Pencil. Still, the iPad 8 is an entry-level device compared to the iPad Air 4.

The iPad Air also uses the iPad Pro’s gesture-based navigation system. On the back, there’s also a Smart Connector that can be connected to Smart Keyboard.

The yet-to-be-released iPhone 12 will likely also have more prominent AR features, and we’ll probably find out in a month.

IOS 14 will be released tomorrow

Normally, a new version of iOS is released with a new iPhone, but this time only iOS 14 is likely to make a separate appearance. IOS 14 redesigned the Siri interface, system-wide picture-in-picture, default email and browser app functionality, among other things. IDOS 14 has been improved for write recognition and reconstruction search.

If the iPhone 12 is released in October, iOS 14.1 will likely be available along with it.

Apple also unveiled its “Apple One” bundle, which comes in multiple layers, including the basic layers only for Apple TV + and Apple Music, and more advanced layers such as Apple Arcade, Apple News + and iCloud Storage.

The iPhone 12 will have to wait

The long-awaited iPhone 12 was nowhere to be seen, but Apple’s updates to the Apple Watch and iPad Air are still full of highlights, from the first Touch ID built into the power button to the further AR feature.

Still, there was a sense of unfinished business at the event, as the blockbuster iPhone 12 has yet to be announced, and Apple’s ARM-based Mac plans or developments related to Mac OS Big Sur may not be released until next year. When will Apple’s AR glasses come out?

Wedbush analyst Daniel Ives predicts that Apple will launch the iPhone 12 series at a special event in early October.

We spent the next month sitting around waiting for the iPhone 12.