I don’t know if you’ve seen this in the news before: iOS 14.5 has added the app tracking transparency privacy feature. With this feature, users’ privacy information will no longer be disclosed, which can effectively block the targeting of advertising.

This is a great feature for users and a disaster for advertisers. Losing the ocean of big data means losing a very big profit. To prevent that from happening, manufacturers will find ways to fight Apple.

According to gossip, most of China’s Internet technology companies have jointly developed a solution called CAID. After this solution is put into use, even if Apple’s IDFA cannot be used, it can easily track the used private information and target advertisements.

In fact, their cheating scheme was noticed and warned by Apple early on. If Apple finds that an app in the Apple Store that needs to be updated supports CAID, it will reject the request to update that app. After being rejected for updates, cheating is no longer necessary.