Apple released two test versions of iOS 15 last month. One month later, today, the first public beta of iOS 15 has finally been released. The official version of iOS will be more stable than the beta version, which will make it easier for users to try something new.

To learn more about iOS 15’s new features, check out Apple’s Chinese website for more details.

For those of you who don’t know the difference between the beta and public beta versions of iOS 15, it’s hard to decide which version to install.

The beta, the developer preview, is for developers, and it’s a lot more problematic. The public test version is to test the use of the user version, the problem is less, the system is relatively stable. Xiaobian think 2 versions can be installed.

How to update iOS 15 Open Beta?

Download the description file for the public beta. Open the download location for the description file in Safari, click Allow and start the installation. After the installation is successful, restart the device, click “General” on the Settings screen and then enter “Software Update” to detect the update prompt for the iOS15 Open Beta.