Two dog son is a well-known XXX University students in school, as a programming enthusiast, he used his spare time to build a website, the usual learning experience and technology to share all PO on their own website. Gradually, two dog son website because of the high quality of the article, technology to share comprehensive, by the attention of many enthusiasts.

But recently two dog son but some distress.

When some netizen feedback visits the website, the speed is particularly slow. Two dog son local test access, but there is no slow access. Check the operation of the server, the exit bandwidth is not full, the host state is normal. How did that happen?

After a period of information collection, two dogs found that most of the slow access to the Internet users are concentrated in Gansu, Shaanxi these northwest direction of Unicom users. “Could it be a cross-network, cross-carrier problem?” Two dog son thought. Their website cloud host deployed in the East China telecommunications area, with the area of the user access will not appear slow access to the problem, so two dog son found in Beijing school students, please help him test visit their own website.

Beijing is also slow to visit! The students spent 15 seconds to see the website home page “two dog son the most handsome” five characters.

It seems that the problem can be determined, should be brought about across the region across the operator, as a result of different regions, use different network users to visit their website speed is not stable.

“Something has to be done about it.” Two dogs began to think.

Since it is to cross the area across the network to bring about access to be restricted, that oneself buy a few lines more, deploy a server in a few areas not on the line? This idea just came out, two dog son laughed at himself. Not to mention more open a few hosts, the site maintenance time becomes longer, the operation cost also went up ah, he is still a student, the most important task or learning. Of course, the most important reason is still because of poor, the money in the pocket temporarily can not support the cost of renting more host.

So how to achieve, while maintaining the status of the existing one host, to achieve multi-network multi-region accelerated access?

“Speed up? That’s right! You can use the CDN to speed up!” Two dogs suddenly enlightened.

And small pat reminder:CDN is used to solve the problem of network access delay caused by distribution, bandwidth and server performance. It is suitable for site acceleration, VOD, live broadcast and other scenarios. CDN manufacturers will deploy nodes in various networks and regions. After accessing CDN, users can get the required content nearby and avoid the bottlenecks and links that may affect the data transmission speed and stability on the Internet as much as possible, so as to improve the response speed and success rate of users visiting the website.

When Ergouzi started the site, it was purely out of love for the technology and the desire to provide a platform to share development ideas and exchange ideas. Now more and more users join, the daily page view is also gradually improved, the site page, pictures, videos, scripts and other objects are more and more huge. Their host is still able to carry the current stage of the request, but if the late development, users continue to increase, host performance and export bandwidth is a bit insufficient.

Now access to CDN, on the one hand, can solve the problem of slow cross-network and cross-region access, in addition, can also throw these static class objects to the CDN node cache, their own host only need to accept some articles published, comments published these dynamic class requests, the host pressure is much less!

Two dog son couldn’t get excited, said dry dry, after class two dog son ran back to the dormitory for CDN manufacturers research. I am still a student, so the cost of CDN should be as low as possible, it is better to have some preferential treatment, the operation and configuration should be as simple as possible, the efficiency of the manufacturers to solve the problems encountered should be faster, and the reputation in the industry is also better…

“I got it! Two dog son excited way, “this should be good.”

“Youpai Cloud is a well-known CDN service provider in China, with 1100+ global nodes, 10TBPS bandwidth reserve, supported by domestic mainstream operators, providing object storage, HTTPS/SSL certificate, multimedia processing, image recognition, character recognition and other services. Support WebP adaptive, H.265 adaptive, bit rate adaptive speed limit, segmenting cache, hotlinking prevention and other functions. Individual website users can also apply to join the cloud alliance, and after approval, they can get 10GB storage space and 15GB traffic per month.”

Well, try it first and then shoot the clouds.

And small pat reminder:Youpai Cloud provides developers with Youpai Cloud Alliance platform. After applying for joining the alliance, developers can get 10GB storage space and 15GB traffic per month for free.

Two dog son is very smooth to complete a series of operations, in the cloud console and pat, follow the configuration wizard, minutes to create a good CDN service.

“Well, now that the CDN service has been created, the channel from the CDN to its own source site has been established. The original website domain name is used as the accelerated domain name. In this case, we need to change the domain name resolution record and direct the domain name resolution to the CDN service. In this way, the subsequent website users who visit my domain name can seamlessly access the CDN service and the CDN can respond to the resources.”

CDN has a few terms you need to know about oh:

The source station

Before accessing the CDN, the developer’s real server or cloud host is uniformly called the source station.

Speed up the domain name

Refers to the domain name used to access the CDN service, which is bound to the CDN service. After the developer has configured the CDN service, the client directly accesses the accelerated domain name, not the source site.

CNAME record

Canonical Name, a CNAME record is the resolution of a domain Name to another domain Name. Why do you need to use CNAME records? Because CNAME records make it easy to change IP addresses. CDN manufacturers have many nodes, and each node has a different IP. If all the IP nodes are told to developers and configured by the developers themselves, then not only the steps are cumbersome, but also the subsequent node changes and modifications will be extremely troublesome. However, if using CNAME record, the developer only needs to configure the CNAME resolution of the domain name once, and the subsequent node changes are carried out by the CDN vendor, saving the tedious steps of user configuration. To configure a domain name in a CDN, you need to use the CNAME domain name to configure the resolution of the CDN. After you complete the configuration of the CDN service, the developer will get a CNAME domain name (the domain name must be., Where is the developer’s CDN service name), the user needs to do the CNAME resolution of the accelerated domain name bound to the CDN, and the resolution address is the CNAME domain name. In this way, when the user visits the accelerated domain name, all requests will be directed to the cloud CDN service to achieve the acceleration effect.

Ergouzi copied the corresponding CNAME domain address of the CDN in the console, and then configured the CNAME resolution in the corresponding domain name resolution console.

“Good! This should set up a user-CDN-source relationship.” Two dog son want to think about the site access relationship now.

“So, let’s verify that the configuration is working!” Two dog son want to think, “first look, user access to accelerate the domain name, whether you can request to the CDN node.” The easiest way to do this is to use the ping command to test the access to the domain name and see what IP is returned.

Ping accelerates the domain name, the returned node is already the CDN node IP, Ergouzi took this IP in the cloud console to check again.

“Well, it doesn’t seem to be a big deal, and dig is the right way to look at DNS. This is a great way to hide my cloud host IP address.”

“Now that users can access my CDN service through the accelerated domain name, is the CDN back to my cloud host service normal?”

Two dog son open browser, entered the domain name, enter. “Great!” The browser quickly loaded up with familiar images.

Open the console of the browser, the remote address is no longer the IP information of the source station, and the value of the Server response header indicates that the response is from the node of the CDN.

Two dog son looked at the host log information, has been recorded from the CDN back access request.

In this way, two dog son’s website successfully access to the CDN.

Two dog son please before feedback access to slow users to visit again try, we have feedback website now open speed is very fast, unlike before need to wait for more than ten seconds to load the page out. Two dog son very happy, finally put the previous problems and concerns are solved. “Cloud CDN is really a good thing, I want to write a good article to share this convenient tool.”

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