The blink of an eye already is 9102 years, the two dog son that participates in the work for many years relies on his clever brain and tireless study spirit, became the senior website administrator of some medium-sized enterprise. Different from the general “network management”, two dog son is naturally the best in the industry of that kind.

However, the recent two dog son in the work encountered difficulties, the company’s foreign business website has been a series of DDoS attacks! Also do not know is the peer found in the business competition, however, to take shady means, or some hackers idle boring to practice, the company’s website became a “white mouse”, this can worry bad two dogs.

DDoS attack is easy to directly lead to website downtime, server failure, and then let the company brand shame, poor reputation, loss of property, a serious threat to the company’s business development. Two dog son of the leadership said: “wages are not free! You have three days to come up with a solution!” Two dog son worry eyebrows are twisted together. “Oh, yes! You can use CDN to accelerate!” Two dog son wit to come up with a plan “so my website server real IP can be hidden, don’t worry about the attack directly down the server.” However, after submitting this plan to the leader, the leader did not deserve to be called the leader: “CDN? When the traffic was so high, how much more would it cost?” Two dog son thought leadership pull swish, but the mouth did not dare to show: “that can use DDOS high defense service?” “High defense is all right, if it’s faster…” Two dog son brainwave, “that if the CDN and high prevention services together? That’s perfect!” The leader finally nodded the head, “really oh, that you go to look for, see which manufacturer can solve.”

I met SCDN

Two dog son excitedly opened a search engine, crackling input “CDN+ high defense services” keywords. Don’t say, do CDN and high protection products are really many, but the combination of the two together? Adults don’t have to choose. I want both. After a circle of inspection, two dog lock and take the cloud, before their own blog use and take the cloud CDN acceleration, the effect is still very good, the function is also very complete, so long time to see if there is any new product launch.

Open and shoot the cloud console, log in your account, point to open the “cloud products” column: “wow, so many products, DDOS high anti-IP, blockchain… Hey, what is this SCDN?” Two dog son hand disease eye quick operation, point into the head is “accelerated” and “protection” two key words. “Wow, isn’t that what I’m looking for?” He couldn’t wait to open the product description document. It was the introduction of SCDN.

SCDN (Secure Content Delivery Network) is a combined solution of DDOS protection and CDN acceleration provided by Youpai Cloud for customers in various industries around the world. This product is derived from the new high prevention CDN cluster of Youpaiyun’s own CDN business. Each edge node has a protection and cleaning capability of 40G, and customers can use all the basic functions of Youpaiyun CDN to achieve the effect of “edge acceleration and border protection”. When the attack occurs, the SCDN intelligent scheduling system will automatically perceive and draw the traffic to the special cleaning node with the defense capacity up to 1T to secure the escort business.

Configuration SCDN

“It’s amazing, it’s a perfect fit for our company website! I want to experience it right away.” Two dog son without hesitation to click on the “purchase of services.” But looking at the interface, two dog son a little confused, “this is not the same as ordinary CDN configuration?” But he did fill in his information as prompted on the page. When you click “next”, the security configuration information pops up below. Two dog son long breath, it seems that finally can report to the leadership.

Without any accident, and the cloud SCDN was approved by the leadership, two dogs can finally show their skills. Login company account, decisive configuration of a service. Well, not bad, it has all the functions of a normal CDN, and it has high protection. Not only can prevent attacks and speed up the website, it is brother 666! Leaders no longer have to worry about the speed and security of the website!

Deep understanding of SCDN

Two dogs in the in-depth use of SCDN products for a period of time, but also better understand the advantages of SCDN. What are the advantages of cloud SCDN?

  • Accelerate at any time and respond quickly when an attack occurs: CDN nodes are equipped with high anti-detection and cleaning capabilities, and sudden attack is used to clean the edge nodes without deactivate CDN or manually switch
  • High cost performance: low defense cost, transparent charge, according to the CDN traffic + high defense base bandwidth + high defense elastic bandwidth mode, enjoy the dual capabilities of CDN + defense
  • Dual defense node + intelligent scheduling strategy, more reliable: CDN is a high defense node, which can avoid switching to defend against normal scale attacks. When traffic is too large, it can be automatically scheduled to a proprietary T-class protection cleaning node to stabilize escort business
  • Edge acceleration, border protection: access can use high protection CDN cluster, enjoy and shoot all online functions of cloud CDN, attack no more than 40G border protection can be accelerated
  • Interface visualization: the background can purchase and configure CDN and high protection independently, and the statistical data can be viewed in real time.
  • Time of defense: 7*24 hours for full day defense

With cloud SCDN, access to high-protection CDN cluster can provide real-time attack intelligent detection and protection services. When an attack occurs, switch to high-protection and large-flow cleaning node. Without manual operation, data cleaning and source station protection can be realized, and “border protection and side acceleration” can be realized. You can have your cake and eat it too. Why don’t you come and have a try?

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