Aliyun Serverless Developer Meetup will be launched in Hangzhou this Saturday

  • Time: 7.24 this Saturday 13:30-17:30
  • Venue: Lejia International 1-3-7 Trojan Star, 999 Liangmu Road, Hangzhou City

This time, we invited technologists and independent developers from AliCloud, Internet startups, open source China Gitee to bring you:

  • Serverless Devs new features released, like taobao enjoy Serverless
  • Start-up Internet company Serverless landed and tramped all records
  • Architect perspective: A typical scenario and case study of Serverless applications
  • How to overcome the Serverless elastic scaling and cross-cloud deployment challenges?
  • Serverless Workshop opened for the first time

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Sharing guests & topic introduction

13:30 – then | Serverless Devs: new features that you may not know

Jiang Yu Ali cloud Serverless product manager

Topic Brief: Serverless Devs, the industry’s first cloud native full lifecycle management platform for Serverless services/frameworks, will deliver the new Serverless Desktop release. This release will provide developers with access to Serverless applications, rapid deployment, operations and maintenance, The visual editing aspect brings a qualitative improvement, in addition to the surprise feature release, expands the Serverless application development imagination.

14:05 – | desire Serverless typical application scenario & users and case analysis

Luo Hao Serverless Senior Architect of AliCloud

Topic introduction: This topic mainly introduces how to develop landing applications based on Serverless, and what common scenarios and solutions are available at present; Typical landing scenes (such as audio and video processing, ETL data processing, etc.) were selected to share landing practice cases.

40 – | therefore on pit and the start-up Internet Serverless landing records of the company

Chu Jinghui Ali cloud MVP Serverless evangelist & entrepreneur

Introduction to issues: This sharing comes from CTO, an Internet start-up company. From the selection of technical solutions, it tells the actual combat case of Serverless, and shares the experience of “tramping the pit” and the surprise harvest. Deep knowledge of Serverless technology for many years, the lecturer will put forward the future development trend and thinking expectation of Serverless for the future reference.

Hold – 16:00 | Serverless under elastic cloud native system exploration and practice

Xu Chengming (Jing Xiao) Ali cloud Serverless engineer

Abstract: As one of the core capabilities of cloud, elastic capability is concerned about the contradiction between capacity planning and actual application load. Its value benefit lies in reducing cost and improving application availability. In today’s Serveless, what is the evolution direction of elastic scaling? What new difficulties will it face? What value breakthroughs will it bring to Op? This time, we will share the resiliency of the Serverless application engine in the cloud native architecture.

Release 16:05 – now | presentation? Here’s how I solve the Serverless cross-cloud deployment challenge

Shengxiang Zhang, Product Manager of Open Source China Giteego

Introduction to issues: DevOps integrates development, operations and operations with a range of technologies and tools that bridge the gap between development and operations personnel, automating the entire process from development to final deployment. The emergence of Serverless makes DevOps more efficient, this share will be based on Gitee Go to share Serverless continuous integration practice.

16:40-17:30 | Serverless Workshop**

In Hangzhou, Serverless Workshop opened for the first time, limited to 30 people, in addition to communicating with technology giants at zero distance, there is also a chance to get mysterious gifts

How to participate: Fill out the questionnaire and bring your computer in the event registration Link. Seat is limited, so come quickly!

There are only 3 days left before July 24, please hurry up! Scan the QR code of the poster below and see you in Hangzhou!

If you have any questions, please drop in“Serverless”Leave a message on public account