The autumn recruitment of 2020 is approaching the end, the busy and impressive autumn recruitment is finally over for me…

Although I got the offer that I really liked, my next plan is to continue to prepare for the Spring Enrollment and see if I can get the offer that I liked more in the Spring Enrollment.

During the internship, Master Tang Seng also gave me a lot of advice, so, next, I’m going to start to learn the following technology ~

  • C language (learn in an internship)
  • Linux system kernel (learn in the internship)
  • Other knowledge of Linux system (learned in the internship)
  • C++ (back to school)
  • Java (go back to school)
  • English learning is always interspersed with it~

In short, is to continue to learn progress, do not covets pleasure, this is nihilistic and meaningless things, always supervise yourself, to be a happy and free, active and open people ~

Sun Wukong on October 21, 2019