In April, Apple introduced the most powerful iPad Pro ever, with the powerful M1 chip and unique features built on IPDAOS that give the iPad unique mobility and touch performance. The new upgrade, iPados 15, will also make the iPad more feature-rich and powerful.

New desktop controls

The first is the new desktop of iPADOS. One of the new features of iPADOS is the ability to add newly designed widgets to the desktop at will. These personalized controls make better use of the larger screen of the iPad to display more information more directly on the home screen.

For example, you can add contacts, Apple TV, Game Center and other controls specially adapted to the large size design of iPad, and you can freely set a desktop dedicated to games, movies and other themes.

Bigger photos, folders and other desktop components make more efficient use of space on the desktop, which also reduces the amount of space available for apps.

Application of library

To better sort and organize apps, iPadOS 15 adds a library page that you can enter when you swipe to the last page. The library intelligently sorts apps by category so you can find them.

Split screen operation

One of the most exciting features of the LaDOS 15 is the split screen action. Under the full screen app window, click the split button at the top of the window to enter the split screen mode. At this point, you can go back to the desktop and select any app and open it in the same screen, with the two apps taking up half the screen.

Multiscreen doesn’t stop there. When you need to focus on something like reading your email, you can open it in a central window, allowing you to browse emails and notes without leaving the split-screen view.

By swiping the message down, the message window is saved in a thumbnail bar below, allowing you to quickly switch between, add, and close the window at any time.

When you group different apps together to form a split screen, switch to the multitasking bar, and your app mix is kept and recorded. You can also create a new split view by dragging apps around, which is much easier than traditional multitasking.

These operations can also be done with the iPad’s clever keyboard with shortcuts.

Memo that supports quick notes

Taking notes with a memo is probably one of the most frequent things you do with your iPad, and the LaDOS 15 improves that by making notes ubiquitous.

First, there’s the Quick Notes feature, which allows you to use your finger or the Apple Pencil to breathe out notes from anywhere in the app in the corner of the screen. The small window allows you to record handwritten notes, links, Safari highlights, notes, and any other flash of inspiration.

And Quick Notes also supports multi-device syncing. For example, when you note a paragraph in Safari, when you browse again, a thumbnail of your Quick Notes will appear, bringing you back to what you’ve been viewing before.

Swift Playground

Swift Playground is, as its name suggests, a programming “Playground” where you can freely learn and practice the skills of Swift programming, which Apple says is the best and easiest way to learn programming.

With Swift Playground, all programming operations are visualized, helping people to more intuitively perceive the meaning behind each line of code. As you build the application, the code can be previewed in real time in the sidebar, and you can test the code by running the application in full screen.

You can access the entire Swiftui resource to make development easier and submit it directly to the App Store when you’re done. As long as you are interested in developing programs, Swift Playground is a good opportunity to get started. It also makes iPad Pro a programming tool anytime and anywhere, with many new uses.

The iPADOS 15 adapters are shown below: