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Technology Week, 2021-04-30

Posted on Sept. 23, 2022, 1:35 p.m. by Judith Smith-Potter
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Small make up recommend

How to build a scalable and productive front-end development platform

"At any time, the team needs to consider how to improve the overall rd efficiency of the team while supporting the business. Such basic investment does not lie in the amount of resources, but in the continuous and stable investment. Engineering, like software architecture, needs continuous evolution and optimization for the future."

ES pickups assignment operation and prototype chain search

A bug resolution process: On the importance of reading specifications.

Chrome 90 will use HTTPS by default

"What's the biggest thing about Chrome 90? Using HTTPS by default is a very small change, but it's important. The days of HTTP streakness are finally coming to an end.


React Server Component

"The Server Component expresses a career philosophy that in the future, the front and back ends will still go full stack, where both the front and back ends get deeper at the same time, allowing application development to reach heights that pure front-end or pure back-end can't."

Act# 31 Error, keeping me up late makes me bald

"The parties to this bug -- React, Babel, me providing the components, the business code -- individually, none of them are at fault. But when a series of coincidences come together, it's an online bug."

Build a React-error-boundary wheel

See how a flexible wheel is made...

Design principles

GRASP Design Principles series 1

GRASP is an acronym for the General Responsibility assignment software pattern. There are nine patterns that are the basis for designing OO systems. This section focuses on the first three patterns: creator, information expert, and low coupling.

GRASP Design Principles series 2

This section describes the three basic patterns of the GRASP design principle: high cohesion, controller, and polymorphism.

GRASP Design Principles series three

"No design principle or pattern is considered in isolation, multiple patterns need to be considered together. All design patterns need to be considered in the context of the actual situation to prevent over-design."


Adaptation design and selection of Web products

"If a design doesn't address the key differences between the two platforms, it's not responsive design."

Why don't Linux and macOS need defragmentation

"In software engineering is a very interesting phenomenon, do hardware and infrastructure engineers are in desperately to optimize system performance, the application layer of the engineer many times, however, did not care about the subtle differences in the performance, and this is also the results of the difference of job responsibilities, different position determines different focus."

Interpret the thermal overload principle of Flutter

Understanding the thermal overload principle of Flutter helps to efficiently troubleshoot problems in daily development.

The Future of Streaming -- How will video technology evolve

"Today's technology is more from video media, including a container for streaming media, technology, storage protocol, and some optimization at the transmission level. These technologies will become the key technologies needed to achieve ultra-low latency, which will become the mainstream of video technology in the future."

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