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Byte (Today's headlines) front two aspects

One side of the success, and then fight byte front-end interviewer, this time I and he who can laugh at the last, I should how to deal with the interviewer's multidimensional blow,Let see my showtime

"Interview confidence" - Adaptor patterns for Design patterns | More challenges in August

At the advanced end of the interview, there are often some questions about design patterns, and the answers are not good. Coincides with the activities of more challenges in August, I plan to spend a month to clarify the knowledge points about design patterns, to increase the confidence of my interview.

Application and Context

The life cycle is very long. Like a process, an Application is a Context, a global Context of the program. Each program is opened to create an Application when it is started. Its parent class is ContextWrapper, Context, and creates an ActivityThread to start the Activity, etc.

CSS center

Horizontal center element Settings: absolute positioning and margin-left: -width/2, and left:50%. The premise is that the parent element position: relative sets the block-level element to display: inline-block and the parent element to text-align:center to achieve horizontal center. Absolute positioning...

Check the front end of the exam

Identify entry file by identifying module dependencies layer by layer (Commonjs, AMD or ES6 import, WebPack will analyze it to get code dependencies) WebPAC

Front-end interview topic - CSS

This is my first post with the Nuggets, documenting the most frequently asked questions about CSS during my recent job search. Stay tuned for more. Depending on the level of the interviewer and what technical points the interviewer is good at, the focus of each interview can be quite different

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