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Java concurrency - Condition

Call AQS 'template method release() to release the synchronization state and wake up any thread referenced by the successor node of the header in the synchronization queue. If the release succeeds, it returns normally, otherwise an exception is thrown. IsOnSyncQueue () is then called to determine whether the node is synchronizing the queue

Computer network (vi) network layer

Overview of the functional network layer, to move packets from a sending host to a receiving host, the network layer needs to provide both functional forwarding to move packets from an input link interface to the appropriate output link interface router local action Routing refers to the network-wide process of determining packets from source to receiver

My interview materials -8

My interview data is compiled -8 symmetric encryption, PYTHon2/3 / difference, Taobao architecture evolution, common software service port, Redis and memcached comparison, B tree comparison hash index advantage...

Interview sharing: college half a year experience interview Ali front P6+ summary (with the interview real questions and answers)

At the end of the year, I wanted to change a job for various reasons, but I was too busy to seriously prepare my resume and review the basic knowledge, so I didn't dare to write on my resume. Then wrote a brief version of the resume to hang in Boss direct hire, ready to year after serious preparation of this matter. balabala.... I haven't had an interview for a long time, but when I introduced myself, I was very nervous and said something that was not on my resume, such as...

Trill, tencent, ali, Meituan for server development jobs hardcore interview (on) | the nuggets technical essay

First, the identity of the writer's junior brother Xiaomin classmates. Xiaomin is engaged in server-side development for this year's college recruitment. Since the interview, he has met with four companies for server-side development positions. So far, he has received offers from other companies except Ali, which is still waiting for crossover. Wang says he is a technical slut, and that he is a demanding student. In this article, I would like to share my interview experience with you.

How to interview a programmer for a big company

There are a lot of people in the same industry on Zhihu who will share their real interview experience, through this mutual learning experience exchange can make you more comfortable in the interview. Through tens of thousands of surface by big data summary statistics to calculate the recruitment of enterprises often test questions, including BAT ascend dozens of enterprise data, research and development often test questions calculation method and client often test questions. GitHub is the world's top developer hub, where you can almost...

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