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A year of front-end interview to upgrade the road (I)

2017 bachelor's degree, hangzhou, front-end program yuan. Before April 17, SHE was a cute girl with UI. She positioned herself as an interactive god and was keen on researching product user experience. In March, 2017, I entered the company as an intern of UI design. Due to the uncertain prospect of UI development, I decided to transfer to the front of the company after a period of careful consideration (a pat on the head), and learned by myself for a period of time and followed by the experience.

Summary of five years of Android development

How time flies! I remember that I graduated from school in 16 years, and now I have been working for five years. I have worked in different companies, big and small, and recently I successfully completed a job change for a raise.

How to collect performance Optimization first screen Time counters?

On the one hand, performance optimization is often discussed in our front end, on the other hand, it is also the focus of our interview process. So how do you define performance metrics? This article mainly introduces how to collect the first screen time. 2.1 Manual collection is generally through the buried point

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