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C language infix expression to reverse polish expression

Design an algorithm that converts a general arithmetic expression into an inverse Polish expression and evaluates the inverse Polish expression. Expression (postfix expression), such as the previous expression postfix expression is: 3 4 2 + * 2/5 -. Parentheses are calculated inside parentheses first, and then outside parentheses. Multilayer parentheses are carried out from inside out. (3) Converting infix expressions to postfix expressions requires a temporary stack optr temporary...

Day 45: Bit operation

Inside the computer, all kinds of information must be digitized and encoded before it can be transmitted, stored and processed. All the data is stored in the device in the form of binary, namely 0 and 1.

Leetcode brush n21-Q67: Binary summation

This is the 23rd day of my participation in the Last Revision challenge of November 2021. The difficulty in simulating the addition of two binary numbers is how to deal with the carry, so if you don't care about space and time, you write it slowly, like

Li Kou Week 248 (Ii)

This is the NTH day of my participation in the August Gwen Challenge. For details, see: August Gwen Challenge 1921. Kill the smallest number of monsters at a time. So if you think about velocity, it's just going from distance

Week 250 (ii)

This is the 10th day of my participation in the August Genwen Challenge. The details of the activity are as below: August Genwen Challenge 1936. The new minimum number of steps thought analysis looks like a simple traversal but can cause problems when the amount of data is too large. More than one array element needs to be inserted between two adjacent array elements

Convert Roman numerals to integers

This is the 18th day of my participation in the Last Revision challenge of November 2021. The analog knows the Corresponding Roman numerals and the formula for calculating them, and we can easily think of replacing Roman numerals with ah

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