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@Configuration Explanation

Annotation classes show that their primary purpose is to serve as a source for bean definitions; The @con figuration class allows calls to others in the same class

Spring FactoryBean FactoryBean

While learning about the IOC container in Spring Core, you will definitely come into contact with the BeanFactory, the most basic IOC container in Spring. This should be the first class you will encounter when learning Spring source code. Spring also has the FactoryBean class, which is spelled very similar and used very often. In some of the Sp...

The Spring transaction

Sometimes do one thing is very easy, but one thing is difficult to maintenance, now a lot of technology, in fact many of them are in processing in the event of a problem, how to remedy, if many technical difficulties is not complete one thing, but an error has occurred what to save, the transaction is the practice of this idea, the following about the affairs of the Spring. Because I'm learning in code, so I'm just lazy...

SpringBoot+Mybatis+Swagger2 environment setup

This article will integrate Mybatis and Swagger2 frameworks based on the official fast start project template provided by Spring, and explain the configuration method of Mybatis Generator one-click code generation plug-in, Logback, one-click document generation and multi-environment. Finally, I'll cover custom configured annotation fetching, global exception handling, and more.

Chapter 2: Implementing a simple Bean container

Just like writing a book, share it with the reader in its entirety! Code is just the logic of the landing, the idea is the core of the implementation! Any concrete implementation of a data structure that can hold data can be called a container. Examples: ArrayList, LinkedList, HashSet, etc., but in

SSM framework integration

SSM framework SSM, namely SpringMVC+Spring+Mybatis three frameworks, is the most popular enterprise development framework in China. Although the current domestic trend is SpringBoot, but SpringBoot only not

Spring Data JPA operates MySQL 8

Java Persistence API (JPA) is the standard specification of Java Persistence, Hibernate is the technical implementation of Persistence specification, and Spring Data JPA is a framework encapsulated on the basis of Hibernate. Create: Every time Hibernate is loaded...

Spring multi-source transactions

MyBatisConfig and CustomSqlSessionTemplate are the main classes used to handle transactions. If you want to see a more professional analysis, you can read the two reference articles. Following on from the previous article, Spring Transaction Basics, this article focuses on...

Spring source code parsing transactions

Spring transaction is a technology that we often use in our daily work. Spring provides three ways for us to use Spring transaction, including programming, annotation and AOP aspect. Programmatic transaction is not recommended because of its large invasion of code. We use annotations as an example to analyze the principle and source code implementation of Spring transactions

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