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MyBatis SpringBoot + + general Mapper

SpringBoot is a quick start scaffolding for the Spring framework. With SpringBoot, we will eliminate the cumbersome configuration of the Spring framework, thus freeing our brains and hands from configuration work

OAuth 2.0 unit test solution

Unit testing has the advantages of ensuring code quality, finding software bugs early, simplifying the debugging process, facilitating change and simplifying integration, and making processes more flexible. Unit testing is the independent testing of code units. Its core is "independence", and its advantage is derived from this independence. Its disadvantage is precisely because of its independence: since it is "independence", it is difficult to test the interrelationship with other code and dependent environment. Unit testing and...

Validation Data validator

Validation of data is one of the necessary features of a complete Web project. Some OF the JS validation on the front end can only work with data entered on the portal site, but if someone bypassing the browser and using some HTTP emulation tool directly into the background

Spring event publishing and listening

Spring's event-driven model is based on ApplicationEvent and ApplicationListener to realize the interaction between business modules in an event-driven manner. There are also synchronous and asynchronous interaction modes. Event publishers are only responsible for publishing events and do not care about event receivers. There may be one or multiple receivers. Similarly,...

Spring Transaction Principle

We all know that Spring transactions are implemented by Aop. Spring creates a proxy object and calls the Invoke method via TransactionIntercept

Spring - the IOC

IOC is used to create and manage instance objects for users. Users who need instance objects can simply fetch them from the IOC container instead of creating them themselves, thus decoupled from the concrete classes. To put it simply, Spring IOC is a Map collection. The name of the object is the key in the collection and the value is the corresponding object. We can get an object from the collection by its name. 2....

Principle of the Spring

Inversion of control: Theoretical idea, the original object is controlled by the user, with Spring, we can hand over the whole object to Spring to help us manage DI: dependency injection, the corresponding properties

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