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Java dynamic proxies, this is enough

This article needs to use Java reflection knowledge, if you are not familiar with reflection, you can first go to Java Advanced - Reflection. Programming ideas come from life, and "agents" are common in life. For example, when we buy something, we generally don't buy it directly from the factory, but from the store or other businesses, which are agents. Another example is...

Get generic information elegantly in Spring

Spring source code is a great treasure house, most of the tools we can encounter can be found in the source code, so the author open source MICA is completely based on Spring foundation enhancement, not repeat build wheels. What I want to share today is the elegant way to get generics in Spring. We before the way to deal with the code source vjTools (Jiangnan White). From the Spring...

Spring summary

SpringSpring is a lightweight Java development framework created in 2003 to address the complexities of enterprise application development. At the heart of Spring are Inversion of Control (IoC) and Aspect Oriented Programming (AOP)

Summary of spring-Quartz transaction issues

JobPersistenceException: could not store trigger when an application calls QuartzScheduler#scheduleJob to initialize a scheduled task when a cluster of four instance nodes is started The unique constraint viol...

What the hell is @nonnull in Spring 5 Core? !

Jsr-305 annotations have been added to the Spring-core JAR package for Spring 5. Has been used extensively in the Spring source code. As you can see, static analysis tools such as FindBugs, IntelliJ, Checkstyle, and PMD are widely used in Java development. These tools...

Cyclic dependencies and resolution in Spring

What is a cyclic dependency? Object A depends on object B, and object B depends on object A. For example: Is circular dependency a problem? If you leave Spring out of the question, circular dependencies aren't a problem because it's quite normal for objects to depend on each other. So for example, A and B are

Spring container IOC initialization process - finally concludes today

As a back-end programmer who often uses Spring, Xiaobian has long wanted to thoroughly understand the whole Spring framework! But it is very large overall, all the inheritance diagram is very complex, plus xiaobian practice is still shallow, appears to be powerless. However, today, let's start from the initialization of Spring IOC container. Even if we can't complete the complete master of the whole Spring framework...

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