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Centos7 Create LVM disk management

Two new disks need to be mounted under centos7. In order to facilitate the subsequent expansion, it is decided to set the LVM management mode. As you can see from above, there are currently three hard drives. There are also two 50GB hard disks that need to be mounted. I'll use one of the hard drives as an example. A physical volume is the lowest level of logical volume management. It can be a partition on an actual physical disk or the entire physical disk.

Install and configure Python 3.6 on CentOS 7

I have been invited to write an article on how to configure Python 3 on CentOS 7. Usually I have chosen to directly put my early years to write an article source code compilation MongoDB throw in the past, let them see the source code compilation Python section, but that section is not too detailed, and was recently urged by a lot of people, so still write a separate...

Set up the FastDFS file system on a single CentOS node

At this point, the Fastdfs setup is complete, and finally we need to make sure that storage is registered with tracker. A multi-level directory has been created in the actual file storage path. There are 256 level 1 directories in data, and 256 level 2 subdirectories in each level, 65536 files in total. New files are hashed to one of these directories.

Nginx is installed and deployed on alibaba Cloud CentOS7+ VM

For example, if we want to publish an application online to provide external access, we must have a public IP address and the corresponding server. In the past, it was often to rent other people's servers, and it took a lot of procedures to put an application online, and it could not be expanded in time if there was sudden traffic.

Install Nginx on Tencent cloud CentOS 7

Nginx is a high-performance Web server software. It is a more flexible and lightweight application than the Apache HTTP server. Add a CentOS 7 EPEL repository. 2. Install Nginx 3. Start Nginx 4. Test Nginx service: if the result is as follows, Nginx...

CentOS- install -Redis- and -Redis- PHP - extension

There should be no problem with the previous 3 steps. The main problem is that an exception occurs when executing make. Solution: make distclean. Clean it up and make it. After make succeeds, make test is required. An exception occurred in make test. Yum install -y TCL Make success with...

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