An error was reported when SVN was submitted, as shown in the figure above. Something went wrong inexplicably. I have not modified any Settings of SVN recently, but it is only used in daily life. I looked in the resource manager of SVN synchronize directories is abnormal, almost all the folder the exclamation mark (that is, the SVN detected is modified but not yet submitted state), in ready to submit a list of items found there are many empty folder is deleted, I haven’t understand is what software to delete, Is useless rubbish before this kind of software, I wonder if the virus and then quickly downloaded 360, but did not find out why, also don’t know why will influence the SVN commit empty folder is deleted, I have a search on the Internet about these error messages of SVN, found a solution, Create an empty folder called ‘TMP’ under the synchronization directory of SVN (there is a directory called ‘.svn’, which may be hidden in some cases) :

You can create a new folder under the ‘.svn’ directory, and then you can submit it using SVN. I don’t know how it works, but I guess it’s because you need to cache this directory when you submit it. I’ve seen many times that the folder is empty. As for why the empty folders on my computer were deleted, I do not know. Windows system should not take the initiative to delete them, and there is no garbage removal software installed. After the deletion, there is no prompt.

Environment: Windows8.1 Pro, TortoiseSVN 1.10.1