Sublime’s Package Control seems to have been installed by senior student Yiheng for me before, and then new members also need to install plug-ins when they come in, and then I remotely connected to help them install it. Although there are some references online, there are still many problems when they reach the local area, so I would like to record it here to provide a reference for others.

The problem

At the beginning, I installed it for Zelong, according to the online method, it was automatically installed, but it would get stuck once it was executed. I guess it was because the external network resources could not be accessed (combined with the following question), so I had no choice but to install it manually. The online steps were as follows: Download the file on GitHub, unzip it and name it Package Control, then go to Sublime and click on the Preferences->Browse Packages… .

A file window will appear. Just put the file you downloaded and named into it. Then restart it and click on the Preferences menu to see if there are two options below.

However, in this situation, the two options are available, but Ctrl + Shift + P and then type “install Package” option does not appear.

To solve

Click on theThe linkDownload a file and place it under Installde Packages. Click on the menu Preferences->Browse Packages… The Packages file popup will appear and then go back to the previous level to see the Installde Packages folder:

After putting it in, restart Sublime, then Ctrl + Shift + P and type Install, and the corresponding options appear to indicate a successful installation:

We tried to install a plug-in that formatted the code (enter prettyf), but it failed. We later learned that it was a network problem. The plug-in sometimes accessed the external network, and then we had to configure it:

Open Package Settings–>Package Control –> Settings User

Then add the following:

    ], is a domestic site

Plugin report error resolved

The following error occurred while using the formatting code plug-in:

The default installation path for NodeJS is this:

If you chose a different path, change it to your own, or re-install it to the default path. Problem solved.

To solve the Emmit plug-in problem, see this blog:

The Emmet plugin cannot be used when installing Sublime3

Reference documentation

Sublime Text3 cannot install the Package Control plugin