Sublime Text is a lightweight, compact, efficient, cross-platform editor for Linux, Windows, and Mac OS X that is loved by many programmers.

Sublime Text 4 has released its first stable release! The team says the release offers some new improvements while maintaining some of the best features. The major new features will greatly improve the user workflow.

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Sublime Text 4 Stable new features

The update highlights are as follows:

  • License Change: Sublime Text License Key is no longer tied to a separate major version, but is valid for all updates for the first 3 years after purchase, although you will need to upgrade your License to use the updated version.
  • Support for multiple TAB tabs: easy to split the view, support through the interface or built-in command line.
  • Support for Apple Silicon and Linux ARM64: Sublime Text for Mac contains native support for Apple Silicon processors, and Linux ARM64 Builds are available on devices such as Raspberry Pi.
  • New UI
  • Contextual-aware auto-completion: This version rewrites the auto-completion engine to provide intelligent completion based on existing code in the project.
  • Support for TypeScript, JSX, and TSX
  • Syntax definition upgrades: The syntax highlighting engine has been updated to handle nondeterministic syntax, multi-line statements, lazy embed, and syntax inheritance. In addition, memory usage is reduced and load times are faster.
  • GPU rendering: Sublime Text 4 Stable uses GPUs on Linux, Mac, and Windows for a smooth UI with up to 8K resolution and less power consumption when rendering.
  • Python API Upgrade: The new version of the API for Sublime Text has been upgraded to Python 3.8, with backward compatibility for the Sublime Text 3 package. The Python API has added many new features, such as allowing plug-ins such as LSP to work better.
  • Compatibility: Sublime Text 4 is fully compatible with Sublime Text 3 and can automatically receive older versions of sessions and configurations. Sublime Text also supports separate runs for versions 3 and 4.

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