Solr console to achieve data add, delete, change and check

Take a brief note of the CURD posture of the Solr console

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Complete CURD support is provided on the Solr console. However, in actual use, it may not be very smooth, here is a record

The SHEMA we tested is defined as follows

Id: string # default global unique field content_id: long # title: string # content: string # type: int # type: create_at: long publish_at: long

Add 1.

Go to the console, select Collection, and click Documents

We selected JSON to add data, as shown in the figure below:

2. The query

Solr’s query syntax is quite complex, so I won’t expand it here. I’ll just show you the basic query posture as shown in the figure below

3. Modify

If you do not specify a primary key in Documents, you insert the data, and a primary key is generated by default. If a primary key is specified and the corresponding primary key does not exist, then data is inserted. If the primary key exists, it represents an update

4. Remove

When deleting one or more data, at first glance, there seems to be no entry point in the console, but it is important to note that our interface is still the Add/Modify page above

Note also that we chose the documentType as XML, and in Doocuments, use the


tag to query and delete


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