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Apache Solr 8.8 quick start

Second, the installation

The download address is solr-8.8.2.zip

Unzip solr - 8.8.2. Zip

2.1 Running Instances

Solr./bin/solr start-e cloud # (2) The number of nodes to run. Default is 2. Directly enter how many Solr nodes would you like to run in your local cluster? Specify Node 1, Node 2 port, Use default, Enter # (4) Enter name of collection, TechProducts, Specify Node 1, Node 2 port, Instead of using the default gettingStarted # (5) to specify the number of shards for TechProducts, the default is 2, How many shards would you like to split techproducts into? [2] # (6) The number of replicas per primary shard is set by default to 2. The default value is 2. [2] # (7) Select the configuration file and here specify SAMPLE_TECHPRODUCTS_CONFIGS instead of the default _DEFAULT

3. Index data