Whether you submit your suggestions to the developer community, fill out surveys, send us feedback, or participate in customer research, the development of all of our products begins with you, and thank you for your contribution to continuing to guide Visual Studio’s product roadmap. I’m pleased to announce that the first preview of Visual Studio 2022 will be released this summer.

The next generation of Visual Stuido will be faster, more accessible, and lighter, designed for learners and those building industrial-scale solutions. For the first time ever, Visual Studio will be 64-bit. The user experience will become cleaner, smarter and easier to use.

Development teams are more geographically dispersed than ever before. Over the past year, it has become clear that organizations need their development teams to collaborate safely, deliver solutions faster, and continuously improve end user satisfaction and value. With better integration with GitHub, we can more easily collaborate and achieve a seamless connection from idea to code to cloud.

Visual Studio 2022 is a 64-bit application

Visual Studio 2022 will be a 64-bit application that is no longer limited to ~ 4GB of memory in the main process (devenv.exe). With 64-bit Visual Studio on Windows, you can open, edit, run, and debug even the largest, most complex solutions without running out of memory.

When Visual Studio uses 64-bit, this does not change the type or number of bits of the application that you generate using Visual Studio. Visual Studio will continue to be a great tool for building 32-bit applications.

By watching the following Visual Stuido video can see more clearly how to enlarge and use additional memory available to the 64 – bit process, it still makes me feel very satisfied, because it is used to open a 64 – bit process contains 1600 projects and about 300000 files of solution, and there will be no exception of insufficient memory.

From loading solutions to F5 debugging, we are also working to make every part of the workflow faster and more efficient.

Design for everyone

We’re updating the user interface to get you up and running quickly. Subtle decorations have been changed to modernize the UI or make it less crowded. Overall, the goal is to reduce complexity and reduce the cognitive burden so that you can focus and stay in the zone. In addition, making Visual Studio more accessible provides better usability for everyone – the next version of Visual Studio will include:

  • Icons have been updated to improve clarity, legibility and contrast.
  • Cascadia Code, a new fixed-width font that provides better readability and hyphenation support. (If you want, you can try Cascadia Code right away! HTTPS / / aka. Ms/CascadiaCode)
  • Refresh and improve the product theme.
  • Integrate with Accessibility Insights to discover Accessibility issues before your users.


As developers, we all know that personalizing your IDE is just as important as picking your desk and chair. We have to make it “just right” before we can be most productive. From the ability to customize IDEs to the ability to synchronize Settings across devices (for those that maintain multiple developers), it will be easier than ever to get Visual Studio 2022 “just right.”

Develop popular applications


Visual Studio 2022 will use Azure to build cloud-based applications quickly and easily. We will provide you with a number of repositories that describe the common patterns used in today’s applications. These repositories consist of individual code that displays the patterns in action, providing the infrastructure of Azure resources, the code assets, and pre-built GitHub workflows and operations that will give you a complete CI/CD solution when you first create a project. In addition, the required development environment will be defined in the repository so that you can start coding and debugging right away.


Visual Studio 2022 will be fully supported. ASP.NET 6 and its unified framework for Web, client, and mobile applications for Windows and Mac developers. This includes applications for cross-platform client applications on Windows, Android, MacOS and iOS. NET Multiplatform Application UI (.NET Maui). You can also use ASP.NET Blazor Web technology. NET Maui writes desktop applications.

For most application types (such as Web, desktop, and mobile), you will be able to use it. NET Hot Reload to apply code changes without restarting or losing application state.


Visual Studio 2022 will provide robust support for C++ workloads, including new production features: C++ 20 tools and IntelliSense. The new C ++ 20 language features will simplify the management of large code bases, and the improved diagnostic features will be debugable using templates and concepts to simplify complex problems.

We also integrate support for CMake, Linux, and WSL to make it easier for you to create, edit, build, and debug cross-platform applications. If you want to upgrade to Visual Studio 2022 but are worried about compatibility, binary compatibility with the C ++ runtime will put you to rest.

Innovation at your fingertips

Diagnostics and debugging

Being able to debug applications with confidence will become the focus of your daily work. Visual Studio 2022 will include performance improvements in the core debugger as well as additional features such as fire diagrams in the analyzer that enable you to better discover hot paths, separate breakpoints for more accurate debugging, and an integrated decomcompilation experience that allows you to step through code that you don’t already have.

Real-time collaboration

Live Share offers new opportunities to collaborate with others, exchange ideas, code in pairs, and review code. In Visual Studio 2022, Live Share will introduce an integrated text chat feature so that you can quickly have conversations about your code without any context switches. You can choose to schedule regular sessions that reuse the same links, simplifying collaboration with common contacts. To better support Live Share within the organization, we have also introduced a session policy that defines any compliance requirements for collaboration (for example, should read/write terminals be shareable?). .

Insight and productivity

The AI IntelliCode engine in Visual Studio continues to improve to seamlessly predict your next move. Visual Studio 2022 will provide more and deeper integration into your daily work to help you take the right actions at the right place at the right time.

Asynchronous collaboration

Visual Studio 2022 will include new and more powerful support for Git and GitHub. Submitting code, sending pull requests, and merging branches are examples of “my code becomes our code.” You’ll notice that there are many built-in logic and checkpoints that can effectively guide you through the merge and review process, get expected feedback from colleagues, and prevent delays. Our guiding principle is to help you feel more confident in the code you deliver.

Improved code search

Code search is an integral part of the software development life cycle. Developers use code search for many reasons: to learn from others, to share code, to evaluate the impact of changes when refactoring, to investigate problems, or to examine changes. We are committed to delivering better performance for all of these key activities in Visual Studio 2022 to make you more productive. You can also search outside the load range to find what you want, regardless of which code base or repository it is in.

Update Visual Studio for Mac

The goal of Visual Studio 2022 for Mac is to customize a popular Mac. NET IDE to provide the production experience you love in Visual Studio for Window. We are working hard to migrate Visual Studio for Mac to the native MacOS UI, which means it will have better performance and reliability. This also means that Visual Studio for Mac can take full advantage of all the built-in MacOS accessibility features. We are updating the menus and terminology in the IDE to make Visual Studio more consistent between Mac and Windows. Visual Studio’s new Git experience will also be brought to Visual Studio for Mac, starting with the Git Changes tool window.

Let us know what you think

We’ve just shown you a few highlights of our work in progress, and we welcome your initial thoughts on the direction we’re taking for Visual Studio 2022. As always, you can go to the new developer forum to view existing feature suggestions. You can vote, comment, or make your own suggestions.

Stay tuned for the 64-bit Visual Studio 2022 Preview 1 availability announcement, which will include our UI improvements and ancillary feature improvements. (note! Like all work in progress, these features are still in development, so some of them will make their way into Visual Studio 2022 after the initial public release). If you have any problem in using Visual Studio, also welcome in Microsoft Q&A BBS to ask: https://docs.microsoft.com/en… .