According to the Microsoft Developer Blog, Visual Studio 2022 will be released in a public preview this summer: faster, easier to use, and lighter for both learners and developers building industrial-grade solutions. Most importantly, the new version of Visual Studio is 64-bit, providing a cleaner, smarter, and action-oriented experience for users.

The 64-bit version of Visual Studio is here for the first time

The main devenv.exe process will no longer be limited to 4GB of memory, allowing users to open, edit, run, and debug the largest and most complex solutions while running out of memory.

At the same time, the 64-bit version of Visual Studio does not change the type of program the user builds. Visual Studio is still a great tool for building 32-bit apps.

Easily open a solution that contains 1600 projects and approximately 300,000 files.

UI interface update, more personalized

In response to developers’ personalized needs, the new version of Visual Studio will update ICONS to support Cascadia Code, a new fixed-width font for better readability.

In addition, the new release incorporates Accessibility Insights to detect Accessibility issues early without compromising end-customer usage.

Comparison of old and new ICONS and themes

Support.NET, C++, more convenient development

Visual Studio 2022 allows you to build modern cloud applications quickly and easily on Azure, with libraries that include patterns commonly used by apps, even when you’re just creating a project for the first time.

In addition, the new version will fully support.NET 6, allowing Windows and Mac developers to use it to build web, client, and mobile apps.

Also, it allows code changes to be applied in the.NET Hot Reload state without a restart.

Visual Studio 2022 also provides robust support for C++ workloads, including new production features, C++20 tooling, and IntelliSense. The release also integrates support for CMake, Linux, and WSL, making it easy for developers to create, edit, build, and debug cross-platform apps.

More features

In addition, Visual Studio 2022 has the following features:

  • The core debugger implements performance improvements to help developers diagnose problems and debug code.
  • Real-time collaboration: Live Share integrates text chat to allow multiple developers to collaborate, exchange ideas, review code, etc.
  • Add support for Git and GitHub;
  • Improved code search;
  • Update Visual Studio for Mac: Migrate Visual Studio for Mac to the native MacOS UI for better performance and reliability, and enable it to take full advantage of all the built-in MacOS ancillary features.

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