Recently, Songsong editor Jie ge learned from the e-commerce circle that Pinduoduo recently launched a social e-commerce small program group buy, mainly brand sales and wechat level marketing, is currently spending a lot of money to recruit wechat business army and shopkeepers, strong promotion and new!

According to Jie, group shopping is a new social e-commerce business created by Pinduoduo recently. The main method is pinduoduo’s old low-price game, which integrates a large number of brands to promote together and play price war with other platforms!

The only thing different from other social e-commerce platforms is that Groupmaidu is supported by pinduoduo’s powerful resources. The sales evaluation of the products sold by merchants on GroupMaidu will be synchronized to pinduoduo’s website, and the sales will also be recorded on pinduoduo’s main website, which means that there is one more store on Pinduoduo’s main website for export sales.

In addition, in terms of product supply and product price, because of the big tree of Pinduoduo, Qunbuy-buy has continued the subsidy policy of pinduoduo’s 10 billion yuan subsidy team, and the price war is expected to crush other peers engaged in social e-commerce.

Operation mode, group buy buy a few years to launch a good province, powder like aroma gathered, tao chi-chi social electric business platform, such as path is essentially the same, and distribution pattern, they are now collected a large number of wechat business team and before wechat business, let them become the owner in WeChat ecological use, WeChat group, WeChat circle of friends, WeChat friends product promotion, etc. Distribute, sell, earn commission.

After the follow-up to earn money, the shopkeeper can then find a subordinate, on the one hand, the platform will give new subsidies, on the other hand, can also let do their own subordinate shopkeeper then distribution to sell goods, and then their own in the extract of the commission to sell goods, and then make a wave.

Finally, in view of the spell of promoting social power factor group buy buy project, lu song song, said social electricity really is everywhere, from the flock, peanuts, diaries, bei store, bud, universal catcher, universal good, honey aroma to the group to buy the buy now, another, a rise and fall actually play to play or go for the guest, is you help selling platform platform will give you commission.

I hope that this wave of qunmaomai can do some big business as the sons of Pinduoduo. At present, Lu Songsong has opened his own group shop and become a shopkeeper of Qunmaomai. Webmasters who engage in e-commerce business and wechat business masters who want to know the specific gameplay of Qunmaomai can communicate with each other.

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