Yesterday, the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) announced the open source Container Network project by Lingling CloudKube-OVNFormally into the CNCF Sandbox (Sandbox) hosting. This is the first open source CNI network project to be managed by CNCF in the world, and it is also the first time for a domestic container company to successfully contribute its independent design and development project to CNCF Foundation.

Kube-OVN is an enterprise-class cloud native Kubernetes container network orchestration system independently developed by Linch Cloud. It is based on SDN network virtualization technology and provides flexible and easy to use container network for enterprises. Kube-OVN greatly enhances the security, operationability, manageability and performance of Kubernetes container network by translating the mature network functions of OpenStack field to Kubernetes, integrating the features of security enhancement, intelligent operation and maintenance, hardware acceleration and other aspects. It has brought unique value to the landing of Kubernetes ecology. Also because of its complement to the existing open source community network program functions, simple installation, low maintenance difficulty, output stability and other characteristics, attracted the attention of many users worldwide, has become one of the most popular Kubernetes network solutions in the open source community. At the same time, KUBE-OVN has also been highly recognized by the industry, and won the honor of “Excellent Open Source Project” issued by China Open Source Cloud Alliance.

Since its open source in the middle of 2009, Kube-OVN has gained 700+ STAR on GitHub, 24 contributors from many companies such as Lingling Cloud, China Telecom, Intel, Huawei, RuijieNetwork and so on participated in the code writing, and accumulated 50+ enterprise users at the same time. Among them are China Unicom, China Telecom, Huawei, China Electronics, Bytedance, Rakuten (Japan) and many other giant companies. In less than two years, KUBE-OVN has successfully realized thousands of large-scale enterprise-level projects at cluster level, overseas projects, and the initial attempt of commercialization. KUBE-OVN into CNCF sandbox hosting, will feed back the most core part of the cloud native — the development and maturity of Kubernetes operating environment solutions. KUBE-OVN will provide cross-cloud network management, traditional network architecture and infrastructure connectivity, edge cluster landing and other complex application scenarios capability support; At the same time, it will remove the constraints of Kubernetes network performance and security monitoring, provide the most mature network base for the system based on the original design of Kubernetes architecture, and improve the stability and ease of use of users on Kubernetes ecological Runtime. Thanks to the open source neutral home environment of CNCF, KUBE-OVN is also about to enter the “fast track” of project function development and implementation. Next, KUBE-OVN will strengthen the community operation and launch a series of community activities, hoping to work with more developers and users, will be innovative technology and application needs, with code to solve the user’s actual demands, so that the Kubernetes network system is available, easy to use, truly release the value of open source community. As the initiator of KUBE-OVN open source project, Cloud Cloud will continue to maintain open source and open concept, actively participate in the ecological construction of domestic and international open source organizations, and assist the KUBE-OVN community to cultivate and maintain a neutral open source ecological project, complete the cooperation with more cloud platform, cloud native infrastructure and upstream and downstream ecological partners. Push it to fly higher and farther, toward graduation!