Since 1.4, Kube-OVN supports to connect multiple Kubernetes cluster container networks, and PODs between different clusters can communicate directly with each other through POD IP. This release also supports ACL logging, which records the number and reason of packets dropped because of NetworkPolicy. This version also updated the related dependencies and performance improvements, welcome to use. 1 New feature • Integrated OVN-IC support across cluster networks • Enable ACL logging of NetworkPolicy triggers • Nodeport type Service access to local POD source IP retention • Support for dynamic tuning of VLAN gateway type 2 Fixed issue • Add Forward Accept rule • Fix Kubectl-KO looking for network card • Fix Subnet update conflict • Fix Subnet ACL overlap Fix Session LB missing 3 Other improvements • Update OVS to • Upgrade Golang to 1.15 • Log level adjustment • Add PSP rules • Remove Juju Dependence 4 Kube-OVN Enterprise Edition to enable a limited time free trial! In fact, Community Edition and Enterprise Edition are symbiotic. KUBE-OVN Community Edition has gathered the wisdom of a large number of community open source contributors, brought together the top technology, KUBE-OVN Enterprise Edition, the creation of a large number of community users to benefit from the ecosystem, and KUBE-OVN Community Edition will benefit from the continuous improvement of the Enterprise Edition. Free trial address (