Brief introduction:June 9, open platform enterprise IT governance and cloud firewall team released on the multi-account management and control of resources and network security new capabilities

On June 9, 2021, Ali Cloud officially released the two capabilities of Control Policy based on resource directory and flagship version of cloud firewall, which help enterprises to manage and Control multiple accounts and network security in the process of cloud, carry out more efficient unified management and Control from the organizational perspective, and ensure the security of multiple accounts on cloud. This reduces the complexity and cost of cross-account resource management.


Faced with the trend of unified operation and maintenance control of multiple accounts on enterprise cloud, Resource Catalog was officially released in 2019. It is a set of multi-level account and resource management services for enterprise customers, enabling enterprise IT teams to easily manage multiple Ali cloud accounts and cloud resources within centralized management accounts. The management and control policy function released this time will support customers to configure the management and control policy based on 150+ cloud products, and can uniformly manage the resource access authority boundaries within all levels of the resource directory, establish the overall access control principle or partial exclusive principle of the enterprise, and meet the enterprise level customers’ global management and control from the top.

As the enterprise cloud security boundary network security protection service, cloud firewall through the integration with the resource directory, now supports the security of cross-account unified management. Using cloud flagship version of firewall more account management functions, corporate customers can use the resource directory management accounts, or specify any members in the organization account as delegate administrator, unified management within the organization in the cloud firewall more account of public IP assets, unified configuration defense strategy and view the log analysis, realize centralized security controls.

Ali cloud product responsible person Wei Junxin said, through the cloud firewall to achieve a unified network management under the environment of multiple accounts, is the only way to enterprise-level network security protection, only to achieve a unified network security control, in order to truly achieve security protection without blind corner, effectively improve the enterprise security level.

A financial customers through the use of cloud firewall unified management ability, the business bank account and the third party test for unified nanotubes, implements a console protection, improve the overall awareness, and more sophisticated network strategy for the future control paved the way, “cloud firewall central control ability greatly simplifies the daily operational network strategy, Enhanced the ability of unified network traffic analysis, very good to meet the needs of our enterprise for network security centralized management.” “– the enterprise information security administrator said.

Enterprise IT governance resource directory product manager 管骥 found that more and more enterprise customers begin to adopt “more account” meet “business strong isolation”, “independent settlement” and “diversification” and other business development needs, to help enterprises from the “organization”, “control” to “compliance” progressive orderly management ability, support enterprise cloud IT governance to the deep waters. With the network security control of cloud firewall, the road of enterprises to the cloud is more smooth and compliant.

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