Initial management experience


  1. The anxiety that comes with new entrants
  2. Change of heart, butt decides head?
  3. What’s with the team
  4. Team challenges, thinking about turnover
  5. other

The anxiety that comes with new entrants

First, let me give you some background. Since I graduated five years ago, I have changed my technology stack several times due to my uncertain positioning and strategic adjustment of the company.

  1. Just graduated to write C# site, write for 3 years;
  2. After I moved to another company, I continued to write the C# site for half a year. After the company adjusted the structure, I changed the department and used the front-end to write the client (node.js + Electron), which lasted for about one year.
  3. Because the performance of the front-end write client was not satisfactory (partly due to my own taste), I tried to use The GUI framework of Python, WxPython, to write the client. After time, I found that The performance of Python was better. Later, I planned to unify the technology stack into Python.

Department Status:

  1. The department has just been set up to work as an automated test platform within the company to reduce the testing pressure;
  2. The department spans regions and is divided into two parts
  3. Two technology (Python) in Shenzhen, mainly engaged in software automation and AI automation;
  4. I am in Xiamen with a tester (half a product), mainly doing firmware automation;
  5. One year later, the shenzhen team added a test, xiamen added three code recruits, and one automation test

The new hires came in at the end of six months of my writing. Came three, are fresh graduates, because Xiamen only I a technology, so I will take. I’ve never brought anyone before. Three Alexandres at once.

One newcomer, who had actually written with the front end in college, arranged for him to use the front end to write clients.

Two other newcomers were asked to try writing clients in Python. They hadn’t written Python before, so they were given a week or more to learn Python.

I had no experience with people at the beginning, and I thought they were just children entering the society, so I should bring them to do a good job. They’re inexperienced, they can’t solve it and I have to solve it for them.

I continued my development work while learning Python, and I wasn’t learning fast enough. I have to admire the ability of young people to learn, and after a few months, I began to find the questions they asked difficult.

After a period of time, I felt powerless. I could not easily solve the questions they asked. It often took me several hours to find the materials and write the test demo before the test could be done.

I began to question my own level and became anxious that my skills were no better than those of the younger generation, who might be able to find a solution if they put in extra hours.

In the company’s point of view, spend the same salary, is to want a fast 30 middle-aged programmer, or a few technology is not weak, energy thief good, also obedient new.

Looking at the mobile phone “XX company dismissed 35 years old programmer” such an article, can no longer be calm rowed away.

Change of heart, butt decides head?

After half a month of anxiety, I suddenly woke up.

Before, I thought we were equals, and when they got in, we were just coworkers. I suddenly realized that I was their boss, and I could tell them what to do.

I gave them most of my physical work, and I started to have time to think, and I started to have the concept of a team.

What’s with the team

I used to sneer at the word “team” when I heard it. I thought they were all used by leaders to brainwash their subordinates.

Now that you understand what it means to be a team, you can allocate resources properly and reuse them.

When I looked at our work from the perspective of the team, I found many problems:

  1. Waste of technology resources, using two different technology stack, can not be reused;
  2. In human resources, it is necessary to recruit positions corresponding to technical stacks. When there is a lot of work for a task, the personnel of other technical stacks cannot help.
  3. Personnel flow, how to keep the department running properly when the personnel flow;
  4. , etc.

Standing in their own point of view, a number of technology stack is not what the problem, a bug to change, to follow the international standards, now hot front end, with the front end.

From a team’s point of view, multiple technology stacks are harmful.

After some simple tradeoffs, start pushing to ditch the front end and embrace the Python project. Upload python’s public base library to the private Pypi library for easy use by all projects.

Team challenges, thinking about turnover

The company has a six-month probationary period for fresh graduates, and recently came to the time for new recruits to become permanent employees.

Some people’s career plan is in conflict with the company’s plan, and they have the idea of job-hopping, so they begin to think about personnel turnover.

Schedule a certain amount of time to write the documents so that others can pick up the slack even if the staff moves.

For the adjustment of personnel flow, the in the mind can not help but sigh, maybe one day I am out, but also can quickly find a person to accept it – -.


I have read a discussion thread about how to treat the church apprentice starving to death. I agree with the church apprentice. Teach the apprentice something and then free up the energy to take it to the next level.

In the Internet age, especially in the programming industry, there is no knowledge that an apprentice cannot learn unless you teach it. Whenever the apprentices on dim sum, the Internet a large search. So here we are preaching to the apprentice, rather we are giving the work in hand to the apprentice. I wondered if I would be worthless if I handed my job over. Can the company just fire me on the spot and replace me with someone new?

A company is only measuring the cost of replacing one person by letting go of one person. No healthy company cannot function without one person.

If you work for a company for five years and a new person comes in, if you teach them, there are two consequences:

  1. The new guy takes your job, you get fired;
  2. New people replace your work, you lead these new people to create greater value;

My guess is that any boss with half a brain will choose the second option, unless you become a worthless wimp and the company doesn’t even want to try.

The above