According to Gartner, 90% of medium to large enterprises will utilize hybrid cloud management infrastructure by 2020. At present, mixed cloud, cloud has become the mainstream of the government, enterprises on the cloud. Although hybrid cloud and multi-cloud have many advantages such as good performance, security and reliability, cloud service resources are distributed in different cloud platforms, so how to have a consistent experience and how to conduct unified operation against multi-cloud has become a huge challenge.

The business operation system (BSS) in Inchao Yunze Intelligent Operation and Maintenance can help users to carry out unified operation on multi-cloud.

Business operation system (BSS), based on the unified customer, commodity, business model, with standardized approval, implementation process as the means, to provide perfect metering billing and cost analysis services, to achieve product life cycle management.

The business operation system (BSS) has the integrated operation capability covering public cloud, private cloud and hybrid cloud, supports the full life cycle management of product shelving, opening, management, metering, billing, change and destruction, and provides AI-based multi-dimensional cost analysis and resource scheduling means.

Business operation system (BSS) presents a comprehensive overview of cloud service operation, covers the operation management of the whole life cycle of the product, analyzes and gives optimization suggestions based on the operation data of various dimensions, comprehensively guarantees the stable operation of cloud service and the improvement of the service quality of tenants, and effectively solves the problem of unified operation of cloud.