Brief introduction:In order to better let everyone understand the ability of Aliyun technical service talents, Aliyun continues to summarize and inventory the ability of Aliyun ecological technical service from the perspective of technical service training and certification, so as to facilitate the understanding of ecological partners, cloud computing technology service providers and developers. In the first quarter of 2021, we will launch a special episode — A Review of Hao Whale’s Intelligent Capabilities. The following is the full report for your review. In the future, we will continue to pay attention to the ecological technology service capability, increase the perspective and refine the dimension, and provide various reports for you to understand regularly. Welcome everyone to put forward valuable opinions and suggestions, and create wonderful together.

In 2021, cloud computing, as the infrastructure of the whole digital economy, has gained unprecedented development opportunities and still maintains a trend of rapid growth. In the first quarter of 2021, the number of students certified by Aliyun Ecological Technology Service Enabling increased by 53.62%, and the number of partners increased by 23.8%.

The overall trend of single-direction deep cultivation, multi-direction coordination and high-level promotion of certification gradually appeared, and the growth rate of L4 was as high as 57.14%.

In the first quarter, Hao Jingxin Intelligence ranked first in the list of certificated companies, while China Soft International, State Internet Communication Yili and Xinyada ranked first. The new intelligent customer service positions of Ali Cloud are gaining popularity. The maximum number of single card holders has increased from 8 in 2020 to 10, and multi-direction coverage has been achieved.

“Weidou Plan” has been released for three months, and has produced 7 students with more than ten thousand credits. Among them, the highest credit student Weng’s learning history, we will interpret for you in detail.

In the first quarter, the pass rate of the L3 test increased significantly. The number of partners with 100% pass rate reached 27, and the number of full marks was also considerable.

As an important partner in Ali Cloud Ecology, the number of certificates of Hao Jingai Intelligence often tops the list, realizing all-round capability coverage, promoting construction by training and strengthening by war, and gradually building a technology delivery force that is ready to fight. In this special review, we will deconstruct its benchmarking ability in detail.

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