If you lose your Apple ID passwords, there are some methods you can use to recover them.

If you forget your Apple ID or password on your iPad, how do you recover a forgotten Apple ID

If you haven’t downloaded an App in a while and have Touch ID turned on for App Store purchases, it’s easy to forget your password. Apple has a website where you can manage your Apple ID account, which can help you solve the problem of forgetting your password. Here’s how to use it.

Go to Apple’s official website and manage your Apple account.

Click Forget Apple ID or Password.

Enter the email address associated with the Apple ID, and then click Continue.

Confirm the phone number and click Continue.

Apple sends notifications to every device that logs in with its Apple ID. Click Allow or click Show, depending on the device you are using, and then follow the instructions to reset the password.

If you cannot use another phone, iPad, or Mac, click Unable to access your device? It’s at the bottom of the Apple ID website page.

The next page provides additional options for resetting the Apple ID password:

Forget how the Apple ID or password in the iPad handles resetting your password when you log in on a new device, such as a new iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, or Mac.

Using someone else’s iOS device.

The site offers a third option for you to choose: Can’t access other iOS devices? This will guide you through the other steps on the site.

One of these options should let you set up with your new Apple ID password.

How to recover a forgotten iPad password

The solution to the forgotten password problem is to reset the iPad to factory default Settings. However, during setup, you can recover from the backup.

The easiest way to deal with a forgotten password is to reset your iPad with iCloud. Reset the iPad remotely using the Find My iPad feature.

Open a web browser and visit Apple’s website to log in to iCloud.

Forget what to do with the Apple ID or password in your iPad when prompted to log into iCloud.

Select Find iPhone.

When the map appears, click on all devices and select your iPad from the list.

When you click the name of the iPad, a window appears in the corner of the map. The window has three buttons: play sound, lose mode (to lock the iPad), and erase the iPad.

Tap “erase iPad” and follow the instructions. It will ask you to verify your choice. When you’re done, your iPad will reset.

How do I use iTunes to deal with a lost password

If you sync the iPad to iTunes on your PC, you can use the PC to recover, whether you’re transferring music and movies to it or backing up your device on your computer. But if you’ve never connected the iPad to your PC, this option won’t work.

Connect the iPad to the PC used to sync and launch iTunes.

Forget how the Apple ID or password in the iPad handles iTunes syncing with the iPad. Wait until this process is complete, then click the device icon at the top of the screen.

Click Restore iPad.

The computer will erase the iPad. Set a new password when the iPad reboots.

Use recovery mode to access your iPad

Even if you don’t have Find My iPad turned on and have never plugged the iPad into your computer, you can reset the iPad by going into recovery mode. Then, however, you need to plug it into a PC with iTunes. If you don’t have iTunes, download it from Apple. If you don’t have a computer, use a friend’s computer.

Connect the iPad to your PC. Then open iTunes.

Press and hold the Sleep/Wake button and the Home button on the iPad, and hold and hold when the Apple logo appears. When you see a graphic of the iPad connected to iTunes, release the button.

Select Restore and follow the instructions.

Restoring the iPad takes several minutes, during which time it is turned off and on. After rebooting, you will be prompted to set up the iPad. You can also restore it from a backup.

What if I forget my Apple ID or password on my iPad