Open Microsoft Excel 365, select the Data TAB, and select the Data Validation feature from the following image:

Allow type is selected as List, Source field, and commas are used to maintain the desired options in the Excel drop-down menu.

The final result looks like this:

If you want different drop-down menu options to automatically Highlight elements, such as the Very High cell, in red to act as a warning, then in Home, select Conditional Formatting -> Highlight Cells Rules:

If the element contains a string: Very (Cell Value contains ‘Very’), apply a red background color:

I defined two rules, if the value of the cell contains Very, it will be shown in red; If High is included, it is shown in green.

So Very High, satisfies both of these rules, but the high-> green rule comes after, so Very High is also shown in green at the end. This is not what I expected, so check the Stop If True for the very-> red rule in the figure below.

The result is as follows:

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