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In 2014, Jerry wrote an English blog On the SAP community about how to create and consume Web services On ABAP on-premises systems:

Step by step to create, consume and trace web service in ABAP system

For the Chinese version of this article, please follow this link:

The most detailed SAP ABAP Web Service creation and consumption steps

In an ABAP programming environment On SAP BTP, you can still use the Destination concept On an on-premises system to consume third-party services in the ABAP code On the cloud. The difference is that a Destination in an on-premises system is created using transaction code SM59, whereas an ABAP in the cloud creates a Destination instance in the SAP BTP console. Refer to Jerry’s previous article on how to consume third-party services in an ABAP programming environment on the SAP Cloud Platform for detailed steps.

This paper introduces how to consume SOAP-based Web Service in SAP BTP ABAP programming environment. If you have read the two articles Jerry mentioned earlier, it takes only a few minutes to understand what this article is about.

Log in SAP BTP platform ABAP programming environment. For specific steps, please refer to the video in Unit 4 of the first week of the OpenSAP Fiori Elements public course translated by Jerry, which contains detailed steps.

Create a new Service Consumption Model.

Remote Consumption Mode can be selected from Odata, RFC or Web Service. When Jerry introduced Fiori Elements and RESTful ABAP Programming model, The ODATA schema has been used before. In this article, we use the Web Service pattern.

Next we need to upload a WSDL file for the Consumption Model. Jerry’s article provides an in-depth understanding of how SAP Fiori Elements works, part two of the series: We mentioned the SAP ES5 system, which is a Demo system where SAP publishes a number of OData and Web services for educational purposes.

In this article, we use a simple Product Web Service that can query the price of a Product based on its ID. The WSDL file for the Web Service is available at this link.

After the WSDL file is uploaded, the Consumption Model is maintained with the prefix ZJERRY, which then enables the Model to be activated and generates a series of development resources whose names are prefixed with ZJERRY for easy query.

When the Consumption Model is activated, in the project resource list, you observe a series of automatically generated ABAP resources, including the data type definitions required by the runtime, and the ABAP Proxy Proxy class used to consume the Web Service.

At the same time, ADT automatically generates a template code for us that demonstrates how to consume the automatically generated ABAP proxy class to invoke the Web Service. Click Copy to Clipboard and paste this code into the Clipboard for later use.

Let’s create an ABAP class, copy the previous step to the ABAP code in the clipboard, and paste it into the new class.

The core code of calling the Web Service is shown in the figure below. The product ID of the price to be queried is hardcoded as JerryProduct.

In line 22, cl_soap_destination_provider=>create_by_url, input parameter i_url, from the location property value of the SOAP: Address node in the WSDL file.

Run the ABAP class directly and see the error output on the Console. This error message comes from the exception thrown in the get_price method of the ABAP Proxy class: ZjerryCX_fault_Msg_type:

Product not found. Try e.g. HT-1000

The error message indicates that this is an application-level error because my hard-coded product, JerryProduct, does not exist in the background of the ES5 system.

A standard Odata service published by SAP on ES5 system is used to query the background data of products that have been created. A Product data with ID AR-FB-1000 and price of 3.25 is randomly selected:


Call the Web Service again, and this time you see the desired output in the console:

Thus, the steps to consume SOAP Web Services On the SAP BTP cloud platform ABAP programming environment are simpler than those On ABAP on-premises systems.

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