What’s driving the iPad’s performance decline?

There are many reasons why the iPad is slow. There may be a problem with the installed application on the device. Internet speeds can be slow. The iPad may be running an older operating system or have background app refresh enabled. The storage space on the device may be full.

How to fix a slow iPad

The following solutions help keep your iPad in race mode:

Restart the iPad.

Quit the current iPad application.

Remove all applications from the App Switcher. Removing applications from the application switcher frees up memory and improves performance.

Exit an application running in the background.

Check your Wi-Fi connection.

Update the iPadOS. This ensures that you have the latest performance updates as well as the latest security fixes.

Install AD blockers. If your iPad slows down primarily for Web browsing, but your Internet speed is good, it could be the pages you visit. The more ads there are on the page, the longer it will take for the page to load. An AD blocker prevents ads from loading on a Web page, which makes Web pages load faster in Safari.

Turn off background app refresh. Background application refreshes allow applications to refresh content when they are not in use.

Delete applications that are no longer in use. Please select “Settings” > “Universal” > “iPad Storage”. Here, you can see all the apps installed on the iPad, how long each app was last used, and how much space each app took up. Delete applications that you are not using by clicking Application and then selecting Delete Application.

How to fix a slow iPad