With the mass adoption of smart phones, more and more users are spending time on their mobile phones. In the face of this trend, the battle field of enterprise brand begins to shift to the square inch, among which the marketing of live App system is a very important means. Nowadays, livestreaming apps have penetrated into many industries. Wechat, Weibo and other social apps are emerging one after another. The corresponding. Enterprises, big or small, want to seize this opportunity to use live streaming apps to promote their development.
Let’s take a look at some data to have a more intuitive feeling of the development potential of the live streaming APP system:

1. According to the latest data from CNNIC, the number of online broadcast users in China has reached 433 million. Among them, the users of live reality show and live sports are 205 million and 194 million respectively, while the users of live games and live concerts are 243 million and 116 million respectively.

2. According to a report by China Merchants Securities, the number of online live-streaming users is forecast to reach 524 million in 2020, with a growth rate of 4.59%.

3. According to Quest Mobile, the proportion of time spent on short videos reached 15.2% in February 2020, and the proportion of time spent on short videos was the highest after Mobile social apps.

According to the data, the live streaming market has three characteristics: large scale of users, high activity, and steady growth. Live broadcast has become a new way of entertainment, permeating users’ daily life entertainment. In the future, brands that know live broadcast marketing will gain more users, and brands that participate in live broadcast first will have the user bonus of building private domain traffic pool.

So how to build a live broadcast platform, where specific application?
The structure of the live broadcast platform is as follows:

RTMP is an acronym for Real-time Message Transfer Technology Protocol. This protocol can be based on TCP and is an important protocol, including RTMP no protocol at all and RTMPT/RTMPS/RTMPE and many other variants.

RTMP is a network security protocol designed to study, analyze and process data through communication in real time. It is mainly used for audio and video and data communication between Flash/AIR channels and streaming media/interactive system server environment supporting RTMP protocol.

Open source
The open source software program is registered as a non-profit certification mark, its formal definition, the code can be used to depict software for public use, and the use of the software, modification is not subject to license and distribution certificates.
Since IOS and Android these two mobile phone enterprises can only operate the management system can be released since the time, and with the popularity of China’s Apple Iphone smart through mobile phones, the Internet community has since more than a brand new noun: APP, which means running in artificial intelligence technology mobile terminals on the third party applications.


PHP, a hypertext preprocessor, is a common open source scripting language. The syntax absorbs the characteristics of C language, Java and Perl, which is conducive to learning and widespread use. It is generally used in the field of WEB development.

Java: Java is the most influential programming language in the history of computing. It is an object-oriented programming language that not only absorbs the advantages of C, but also dispenses with multiple concepts that are difficult to understand in C.

Therefore, it can be seen that the development of a set of live broadcast system requires quite professional and comprehensive technology, and the establishment of such a development team not only costs a lot of money, but also takes time and effort. So more people choose to find service providers to develop and buy finished software, which mainly have the following two options:
Molding products
Can say this is a standardized product, mall, for example, I developed a B2C mall source code, but because it is a one-time investment, sometimes late iteration, most of the time just need to find customers to sell with respect to OK, relative prices will be affordable, sending money can buy a set of complete live APP system. Whatever features are available, they are used without any modifications or adjustments, and once someone needs customization, the price is calculated based on complexity and cycle time.
We can communicate and customize according to the requirements of the demander completely, and can do whatever functions we want. However, compared with the above, the price gap is relatively large, but at the same time, we can also make products that best meet our business needs.

There are many people who want to develop a live broadcast APP system. These two choices have their own advantages and disadvantages, and choosing what they need is the most appropriate one.