This article is intended to guide you on how to configure your GitHub username to login during your Discourse.

Configuration making

Visit… “, then find OAuth Apps in the menu bar on the left, then select New OAuth App, and enter the corresponding content and fields as prompted.

Note that your callback address will be /auth/github/callback, which will vary depending on the domain name of your site.

Web site,, for example, is you will be able to normal access address, then the callback (Call Back) address is:…

Upload Logo (optional)

This step is optional and allows you to upload your website Logo in this step so that users can see your Logo when they log in to GitHub.

To obtain parameters

When you’re done configuring your data on GitHub, you’ll need to click Get Secret Key to get a secret key parameter.

Arguments to the Client ID and Client Secret. You need to return the contents of these two parameters to your Discourse site and enter the github_client_id and github_client_secret fields, respectively.

Enable service

Enable github logins during Discourse sites.

The following figure shows the configuration information from GitHub that needs to be configured.

Once you’ve done this, your site should be ready to log in using GitHub.

Verifying the login configuration through the front end has been successful.…