In the recent period of time, BTC mining policy has been suppressed, it is not realistic to dig BTC in the country, after all, it has been clearly shown that it is illegal. But the majority of miners for mining this project did not give up, the market is still very considerable business opportunities. Since BTC, ETH, and so on can’t be mined, then might as well dig Filecoin. Unlike the former, it doesn’t require a lot of energy, such as electricity, and is a supported distributed storage technology. So how does Filecoin dig? Filecoin Cloud Mining?

Traditional cloud computing requires data centers to be set up everywhere, consuming large tracts of land. And there is remote disaster tolerance. Even the best prevention mechanisms can never prevent a black swan event. In data centers in remote areas, the data storage capacity is not large and the storage space is idle. The storage cost will increase and the resources will be wasted. How to accurately locate according to the data needs and ensure the accurate coverage of user data? Data centers also have issues of privacy, cost, speed, and large data capacity requirements.

In addition, each blockchain can hold between one and eight megabytes of data, at most. How do you make a blockchain application in such a small space? Distributed storage is the most urgent matter for blockchain, and the most important problem to be solved is to wait until the storage space is solved, and then to solve the upper flow, and then the transaction frequency, so as to form a mature decentralized application. Filecoin was born out of these demands.

The total number of Filecoin tokens is 2 billion, 70% of which is distributed to miners, or 1.4 billion tokens. However, the 1.4 billion tokens need to be subtracted from the block rewards in order to store and retrieve the benefits of mining. What are the specific benefits? In fact, it is not quite certain, because there are two markets to decide, one is the storage market, one is the retrieval market. Each miner needs to go to the market to quote, store or eat the retrieval of users to find, and form orders. So, it’s a very dynamic process.

So what about Filecoin cloud mining? What are the advantages? Buying cloud computing power not only reduces the technical and cognitive threshold of investors, but also reduces certain risks involved in mining. This cloud mining method can achieve a win-win situation for the platform and investors. Through large-scale professional mine deployment, the cost can be reduced to the maximum extent. Meanwhile, investors can also gain more professional and reliable operation and maintenance services to maximize the mining income.

Simply put, you can do no mining machine, but through the network remote use of other people’s mining machine mining, can be said to be a cloud application, can also be said to be a shared hosting service. Cloud mining service provider, providing mining machine, network, operational maintenance and other services, while users only need to pay a certain amount of sharing and hosting service fees, decide what cryptocurrency mining, and then wait for the payment. As for buying machinery, maintenance and other cumbersome process is not to worry about, and the investment can be large or small, thousands of yuan tens of thousands of yuan can be.