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GitHub Hot TAB Vol.47

Posted on Aug. 8, 2022, 7:36 p.m. by Jill Singh
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Author: HelloGitHub- Dried fish

This week's GitHub Trends list is full of highlights, including JetBrains' Skia, an open source rendering engine, getting 500+ Star for its Java package, and the ability for developers to display their site status on their pages. Upptime, which reports in real time, became Trending with 1K star income in a single day. K0s, the alternative Kubernetes release, also did well, earning nearly 2k stars in a week. The 2.6 billion parameter Scale Chinese Language Model (CPM-LM), which is open source by the Tsinghua University research team, is also doing well. Finally, be sure to mention the powerful screen recording and annotation tools: Screenity, no pressure to annotate recorded images, add face video window. ...

The following is an excerpt from GitHub Trending and Hacker News hot post (HN Hot post for short) on weibo @helloGithub. Newly released | | practical and interesting, according to the project classification, the release time release time not more than 7 day program will be marked New, without the mark shows the project release more than one week. Due to the limited space in this paper, there are some projects not shown in this paper, please refer to ?

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      1. This week, pushing
      • 1.1 Split-image rendering engine: Skija
      • 12,000 shells available: Starship
      1. Making Trending Zhou Bang
      • 2.1 Alternative K8s: K0S
      • 2.2 Super screen recording and annotation tool: Screenity
      • 2.3 Large-scale training model: CPM-generate
      • 2.4 Zero coding, no configuration: ObjectiveSQL
      • 2.5 Lightweight React Diagram: beauty-react - Diagrams
      • 2.6 Website operation monitoring: UPPtime
      • 2.7 Developer free: free-for-dev
      1. Recommended reading

1. Tweet this week

1.1 Split-image rendering engine: Skija

Star growth this week: 1150+

Skia is an open source 2D graphics library that provides a common API for working across a variety of hardware and software platforms. Skija is JetBrains open source Skia Java package. Check out this amazing image rendering engine.

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12,000 shells available: Starship

Star growth this week: 1250+

Starship is a lightweight terminal with a high appearance level that can be used with any Shell. features

  • ? fast: fast - really really fast! Written in a Rust
  • Customization: You can customize all aspects of the prompt
  • General: Applicable to any Shell and any operating system
  • Intelligence: Display relevant information at a glance
  • Feature-rich: Support for all your favorite tools
  • Easy to use

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2. GitHub Trending Weekly

2.1 Alternative K8s: K0S

Star growth this week: 1850+

K0s is another Kubernetes distribution. Yes. But the authors did something very different from other distributions.

K0s is a single binary Kubernetes distribution with all the features, pre-configured with all the bells and Whistles needed to build a Kubernetes cluster simply by copying the executable to each host and running it.

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2.2 Super screen recording and annotation tool: Screenity

Star growth this week: 1400+

New Screenity is a powerful screen recording and annotation tool that allows you to annotate items in a recorded screen and add a face video window.


  • ? Record unlimited times for browser window, desktop, any application and camera
  • ✏️ Anywhere on the screen, add text and comments like arrows
  • ? highlight your click operation, cursor, support to hide the cursor when recording
  • ?️ PC microphone and audio control, button talk and so on
  • ⚙️ custom countdown, display controls only when hovering, and many other custom options
  • ? export to MP4, GIF and Webm, support Google Drive to save videos
  • ✂️ Prune or delete portions of a record
  • More...

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Chrome plug-ins address -

2.3 Large-scale training model: CPM-generate

Star growth this week: 450+

New CMP-generate is a 2.6 billion parameter scale Chinese language model (CMP-LM) developed by Beijing Zhiyuan Artificial Intelligence Research Institute and Tsinghua University. It can be used for local test of text generation and further study scenarios such as zero or less learning on this basis.

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2.4 Zero coding, no configuration: ObjectiveSQL

Star growth this week: 500+

New ObjectiveSQL is a Java ORM framework based on the ActiveRecored mode. It automatically generates database access logic code based on a defined data model to improve development efficiency. Features:

  • ?♂️ uses JSR 269 to dynamically generate Java apis for database access
  • ? does not require coding a full Java API for database access
  • ⛳️ For complex SQL, ObjectiveSQL utilizes The Java operator overloading technology to provide consistent coding experience between Java code and SQL statements.

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2.5 Lightweight React Diagram: beauty-react - Diagrams

Star growth this week: 1600+

Beautiful-react - Diagrams A small collection of lightweight React components that make it easy to build diagrams.

JavaScript chart libraries are often difficult to integrate into React projects. Synchronizing a component's state with an external chart library can be difficult, especially if the latter is built in a different paradigm (MVC, for example).

For this reason, project author Antonio Lu created an easily customizable library of functional diagrams to easily build diagrams.

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2.6 Website operation monitoring: UPPtime

Star growth this week: 1400+

New Upptime is an open source uptime monitoring and status page, you can directly view the connection status, response time, reliability of each website on the page. GitHub provides technical support, uses GitHub Action to implement runtime monitor, GitHub Issue to report events and GitHub Pages to generate status websites.

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2.7 Developer free: free-for-dev

Star growth this week: 1250+

Developers and open source authors are exposed to a plethora of free services, but it's hard to find all of them to make informed decisions. Free-for-dev has compiled a list of free resources available for developers in SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS. The project is maintained by 500+ developers.

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3. Recommended reading

This is GitHub Trending for the 47th working week of 2020 ? If you Pick up other fun and useful GitHub projects, be sure to share them with us in the HelloGitHub Issue section ?

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