FTP Upload Software Introduction

IIS7 Remote Desktop Management Software, is a small green, functional FTP software, its interface is simple, easy to operate, it supports FTP batch upload and download, it can connect multiple FTP servers at the same time for file transfer work, but also online decompression file, support file search, online editing and other functions.

1. Tutorial on how to use FTP upload software

** Download address: IIS7 server management tool

  • Add FTP server information
  • Step 1: Click the “Upload and Download” button in the main program diagram;

    • Step 2: Click “FTP”;
    • Step 3: Click “Add”;
    • Step 4: Fill in the FTP information in the pop-up server information box. Note: FIP IP port, account number and password are required;
    • Step 5: Select the FTP server to open.
    • Step 6: Click Open to immediately see the FTP rendering.

Upload a file

  • Step 1: Select the files you want to upload (press Ctrl to select multiple files) and right-click on Upload.
  • Step 2: Wait for the file upload to complete.
  • Step 3: After uploading, the right window can view the files or folders after uploading successfully.

The download file

  • Select the file you want to download and click Download.

2. Windows Server Configuring FTP Server Tutorial

  • 1. Open the Windows Server2012 R2 Server Manager interface to add roles and functions.

  • 2. In the Add Roles and Functions wizard, select server from the server pool.

  • Select Web Server (IIS) to install the FTP server.

  • 4. After installation, click “Tools” in the upper right corner of Server Manager – > and select “IIS Manager”.

  • 5. Click the IIS Server Certificate.

  • 6. Select “FTP Authentication” on the FTP interface — > “Basic Authentication” — > “Enabled”.

  • 7. On the FTP interface, select “FTP Authorization Rules” – on the right of >, “Add Allow Rules” – > select “Specify role or user group”, as well as permission selection, “Read and Write”.

  • 8. Next, start to build the FTP website, click the IIS manager interface “website”, click the right to add “FTP site”, the name of the FTP site can be arbitrarily selected, the content directory for the server to upload and download files to save the directory.

  • 9. Click “Next” to bind IP to select specified IP or default IP. Default port number is 21, and check “Start FTP site automatically” to import SSL certificate just established.

  • 10. Click “Next” to configure authentication and authorization information, as shown in the figure below.
  • 11. Now that the configuration is complete, you can use the FTP tool to connect to the FTP server.